Ohio Mom Arrested after Missing Son Found Dead in Home; Authorities Say Mother Strangled Son to Death and then Reported Him Missing

A horrible event has taken place in the state of Ohio, where a mother has been charged with murder after the body of her son, who was eight years old, was found in the attic of their family home.

The body of Martonio Wilder was found inside a property in Columbus on Friday, June 28, just a few minutes before an amber alert was issued for his two brothers. Thankfully, the brothers were found without any injuries, and they are currently being cared after by workers from Franklin County Children Services.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Chief Elaine Bryant made the announcement on Saturday during a press conference that two youngsters, King Wilder and Michael Simon, were discovered at the residence of a relative without any injuries.

“We have found a body that we believe to be Martonio Wilder inside the home,” she said in her statement.

Court documents have reportedly disclosed that the cause of death of Martonio was “deep neck compression.” This information was obtained by NBC 4.

Around midday, Lashanda Wilder, who is 32 years old, made contact with the law enforcement officials at her apartment on Olmstead Avenue. Together with her partner Johnna Lowe, who is 33 years old, she was the one who reported to the authorities that they had not seen Martonio since the previous evening.

Following the disappearance of the youngster, the authorities released a cautionary statement and conducted a search with K-9 units throughout the neighborhood. While this was going on, Lashanda and Lowe fled with their other two children without informing the authorities of where they were supposed to be.

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Saturday was the day that the mother of the kid and her lover voluntarily turned themselves into the authorities, as reported by The Columbus Dispatch. Consequently, what transpired after the authorities discovered the body of Martonio and spent a whole day looking for them.

In addition to being charged with murder, Ashanda is also being accused of impeding justice, and Lowe is also being accused of doing the same thing.

In addition, Lashanda’s brother disclosed to the publication that his sister has a history of behavioral disorders related to rage and referred to her as “evil.” According to him, the time when her sons appeared to be the happiest was when they were away from her.

On Monday, July 1, Lashanda and Lowe are set to appear in court in Franklin County Municipal Court based on their court appearance.

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