Affordable Housing in Idaho: New Building Up for Rental Applications

Leap Housing is excited to announce the upcoming opening of its latest complex, Falcons Landing, in Mountain Home this August. The property consists of 136 units, offering a variety of rental and homeownership options.

Bart Cochran, the CEO of Leap Housing, expressed a strong desire to ensure that affordable housing is accessible to as many Idahoans as possible, particularly given the current state of the housing market. According to recent data from Redfin, home prices in Idaho have increased by 4.4% as of May.

According to Kristina Shallies, a Leap homeowner, meeting the basic needs of housing is crucial for the advancement of our community.

Shallies settled into her new home in April 2023, following an extensive search in the Treasure Valley that lasted over a year.

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“We searched extensively, from Mountain Home to Payette, but unfortunately, we were unable to find anything,” Shallies said.

Shallies expressed her satisfaction with Leap’s assistance in finding a suitable home for her and her family. She is now thrilled that people in Mountain Home will also be able to benefit from similar opportunities.

Leap operates with the support of a federal grant, according to Cochran. When individuals submit an application for a Leap home, Leap takes the initiative to locate suitable rental options that will ensure affordability for both the homeowner and the renter. Cochran emphasized the urgency in Mountain Home.

“The residents of Mountain Home recognized the importance of affordable housing for the community’s prosperity,” Cochran explained to KTVB News.

Applications for the complex will begin in July, with move-in dates scheduled for mid-August. Cochran anticipates a high demand and expects the spots to be filled quickly. Once they reach capacity, a waiting list will be initiated.

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