North Texas to Experience Wind Storms and Rainstorms this Weekend

Panhandle, TX:  This coming weekend, a strong trough of low pressure will make its way across the Rocky Mountains and into the western High Plains. The “high wind event” that will hit the Panhandle and West Texas on Sunday will be caused by it.

In this region of the state, this “wind storm” is expected to produce wind gusts of sixty miles per hour or higher. On Sunday, the whole Panhandle and West Texas will be under a High Wind Watch, according to the National Weather Service. This section of the state is very dangerous, so please be aware if you must drive through it (particularly in a prominent vehicle or when towing).

Parts of West Texas and New Mexico could experience brief power outages if this wind speed continues.

Regrettably, this wind will also increase the risk of wildfires in this region of the state. The afternoon and evening of Sunday will bring with it a very high risk of fire.

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It will be well to the west of DFW where this wind storm will be at its peak. Still, Sunday might see wind gusts of 40–45 mph in North Texas, which is quite a bit. Be cautious to fasten any outdoor objects before these strong winds arrive.

Meanwhile, Saturday is going to be a beautiful sunny outside day. Some outdoor activities may be spoiled by Sunday’s arrival of the wind, which could cause gusty conditions during the afternoon and evening. On the other hand, cloud cover will grow, but precipitation is unlikely until late Sunday night.

A line of thunderstorms is anticipated to form by Sunday night as the storm system approaches late Sunday. Around midnight (or soon after), a line of severe thunderstorms is expected to move through, according to the computer models.

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Particularly to the west of DFW, some of these storms may be rather violent. The most significant weather concerns would be damaging wind gusts and hail. The severe storm threat could be raised from its current low level. It will be closely monitored by us. Thankfully, any storms that do form shouldn’t linger for more than thirty to forty-five minutes at the most.