North Dakota Man Arrested after He Kept Woman Hostage after Severe Domestic Abuse Episode: Police

A man has been arrested and is currently in custody following allegations of domestic violence. According to the police, he physically assaulted his girlfriend and prevented her from seeking assistance or leaving the premises.

According to the police, the woman was able to contact officers early Saturday morning at a residence on 4th Street. A police officer reported that Joshua Nerby opened the door while being covered in blood.

Upon entering the residence, law enforcement discovered the woman with visible injuries to her face, head, and arms. According to her, the abuse had been occurring for a couple of days, and whenever she attempted to leave, Nerby would prevent her from doing so.

The woman mentioned that on July 4, she managed to visit a nearby store and purchase a phone. Additionally, she decided to change the locks due to her concerns about Nerby.

According to the police, the woman was in the process of dialing 911 when Nerby forcefully took the phone from her. When questioned, Nerby explained to the police that he and the woman were engaged in a heated argument due to her accusation of infidelity, which had disrupted his sleep.

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He is currently charged with three serious offenses: domestic violence, interfering with a 911 call, and felonious restraint.

This week, a judge has set Nerby’s bond at $15,000 and has ordered him to maintain distance from the woman. The trial for Nerby is set to take place on October 29th as reported by KXNet News.

If you or someone you know requires assistance during a domestic crisis, the Abused Adult Resource Center in Bismarck/Mandan can be reached at 701-222-8370. If you are in Dickinson and need assistance, you can reach out to the Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis Center at 701-225-4506. If you are in Williston, you can reach out to the Family Crisis Shelter at (701)-572-0757. In Minot, the Domestic Violence Crisis Center is available to provide assistance at (701)-853-2258.

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