3-year-old Tested Positive for Meth; Man Arrested for Child Abuse and Exposing Child to Drugs in Virginia

One count of felony child abuse has been brought against Timothy Postma as a result of a positive methamphetamine test that was performed on a child who was three years old and living in his household.

On June 11, Child Protective Services contacted the Staunton Police Department to report that Postma was taking meth in the presence of the child. This information was confirmed by the Staunton Police Department.

Although there are types and quantities of meth that have been approved for drugs that help treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, meth is classified as a Schedule II substance. However, if it is not regulated, it is very easy for meth to be abused.

According to the United States Department of Justice, methamphetamine that is distributed illegally is typically in the form of a crystalline substance that is consumed by smoking or snorting. This is in contrast to the prescription form of methamphetamine, which is prescribed in pill form.

Throughout his tenure in Augusta County, Postma has been charged with a variety of offenses, including narcotics possession, assault, and battery. The charges against him have nothing to do with the case of child abuse.

Based on the records of the court, the date of the initial crime is April 1 as reported by WHSV News.

On August 12th, he is expected to make his return to the Staunton J&DR Court venue.

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