New York Pastor Sentenced only 6 months in Jail after S*x Crimes Conviction; Community Disappointed

After being found guilty in February, a pastor in Steuben County was given a six-month jail term followed by ten years of probation.

The Schuyler County District Attorney’s Office says that Nathan E. Cooper, who is 56 years old, was given a sentence on May 16 for a sex charge.

The document says that Cooper is a priest at a church in Steuben County and that during the trial, his lawyer used religious texts and past cases to try to get the court to reduce Cooper’s sentence and get rid of some of the conditions of his probation.

The judge in charge of Cooper’s trial didn’t agree with the reasons and gave him the sentence that was agreed upon at the time of his conviction.

Cooper will spend six months in the Schuyler County Jail and then be on probation for ten years. The victim has been given a protection order against Cooper for ten years.

Cooper was also labeled a sex offender for the purposes of Sex Offender Registration. In June, he will have a hearing to find out what type of sex offender he is.

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