A Florida officer was arrested on his first day of work for child pornography

A Florida police officer who had just been sworn in was caught for child pornography after his first day on the job.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office said that Kai Cromer, who is 19 years old, was sworn in as an officer on Monday. By that night, his phone had been searched.

Sheriff Eric Flowers told Scripps News that Cromer was on call at a high school when “a brave young female came forward” to tell police that the cop had been messaging her on Snapchat and asking for pictures of her without a top on.

She told the cops Flower said, “she felt very uncomfortable just seeing him on campus.”

The sheriff said that a probe started right away.

The cops looked through more than 100 GB of data and arrested him for one count of having child pornography on his computer.

Flower said on Tuesday, “Kai Cromer is no longer working for the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.” “He was fired while he was in our cell,” the captain said.

Four victims have come forward, and Flowers said they are “very concerned for their safety.” They said Cromer had asked for inappropriate Snapchat photos and videos.

He was telling people, ‘I’m going to be the police, I’m very strong,'” There was no way these girls should have been forced to do what they were doing, and they said they were uncomfortable with the whole situation. Flowers said, “That’s just completely unacceptable.”

Flowers asked anyone who has talked to Cromer on his Snapchat account, @KaiCromer, to come forward: “You need to talk.”

He also said that they know of other cases.

Flowers said, “We are sure that there will be other charges.”

However, Flowers wanted the public to be able to see Cromer’s mug shot because they said police usually don’t share police mug shots. Flowers thought someone might have been a victim or have more information.

Flowers told anyone else who was hurt that they will be safe and that their information will be kept secret. He was proud of the victims who came forward.

Cromer has a $15,000 bond that keeps him in jail.

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