School Teacher Arrested and Charged after Sleeping with Minor after Graduation Party in Nebraska

A high school student says that a middle school teacher at Madison Public School in Madison, Nebraska had inappropriate contact with them.

Court records say that on May 6, Nixel Ortiz, who is 29 years old, had sexual contact with a Madison High School student who is 18 years old. On May 13, a Nebraska State Patrol officer was sent to look into a report of a bad relationship between a student and a teacher.

The authorities say Ortiz told another teacher that she had a sexual encounter with a student. That teacher then told Superintendent Justin Fredrick about it. When Fredrick talked to the district lawyers, they told him to call the police. Police say Fredrick gave them information about Ortiz and the student.

And Ortiz met with two detectives in a school conference room. For the court records, Ortiz said that she went to a party and then back to her apartment after graduating. Ortiz said the 18-year-old had texted her before, and she told them, “There was no way this was going to happen.” The student asked Ortiz what age a teacher had to be to date a student.

Ortiz told the police that she had been drinking tequila and that the student had come to her Madison apartment after a graduation party. The woman told police that they kissed but didn’t have sex.

Madison County Sheriff caught Ortiz on May 20 and took him to the Madison County Jail. Ortiz is being charged with a felony crime called first-degree sexual abuse by a school staffer.

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