Man Stabbed Multiple People in Indiana; Victims also Attacked Suspect to Halt Stabbing Spree: Docs

A man is facing multiple charges after allegedly stabbing multiple people during a disturbance outside a business in northwest Indianapolis last week.

27-year-old Estinfil Filsmagre is facing serious charges, including two counts of attempted murder, a count of aggravated battery, and three counts of battery by means of a deadly weapon, according to prosecutors.

A man was arrested by Indianapolis Metropolitan police on June 17, following their response to a call at 7102 Woodland Dr. around 3:40 a.m. The address leads to a strip mall where you’ll find Miami’s Garden, a popular restaurant and bar.

Nine individuals were injured in the incident, sustaining stab wounds or other forms of trauma.

According to court documents, the parking lot was described as a chaotic scene, with various groups of people involved in heated arguments and physical altercations. Upon the arrival of officers, they observed various items scattered throughout the area, including a green traffic cone, broken glass bottles, trash, bloody clothing, and a knife. Blood was also present in multiple locations.

Several witnesses gave accounts to IMPD detectives, though it was challenging to determine the exact event that led to the outbreak of violence.

It is evident from the surveillance video that Filsmagre was observed stabbing multiple individuals, including a security guard who intervened during the escalating violence, as stated in court documents. A guard sustained a chest injury and underwent surgery.

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A witness reported attending a birthday party when they noticed three individuals engaging in disruptive behavior outside. The witness reported that Filsmagre attacked several individuals, including the witness himself, resulting in injuries to his chest, flank, and buttocks.

Footage captured a heated altercation between three individuals, escalating from a verbal dispute to physical confrontation, culminating in a forceful punch being thrown. Soon after, Filsmagre was observed opening a sharp object and approaching the altercation, as depicted in a video mentioned in legal records.

A video captured an incident where another individual struck Filsmagre, causing him to lose consciousness. Following the incident, he was subjected to a forceful blow to his face by another person as reported by Fox59 News.

Moments later, law enforcement arrived. As per the latest update from the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, his condition continues to be critical on Monday.

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