My Hero Academia’s 13 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked!

The world of My Hero Academia is even more action-packed than the Marvel and DC worlds that largely inspired it, with selfless heroes and diabolical villains. With eighty percent of the world’s population allegedly possessing some form of power, superheroes and supervillains are almost a dollar a dozen.

Of course, characters like All Might and All For One stand out from the crowd, but there are plenty of aspiring Quirk users anxious to steal their social standing. These are the most powerful people in My Hero Academia, and they include Izuku Midoriya, Tomura Shigaraki, and a slew of other U.A. students and League of Villains members.

Tanner Fox updated this page on March 25th, 2022: With the sixth season of My Hero Academia planned to premiere in the fall of 2022, interest in the series isn’t going away anytime soon. With the lasting power of other shonen heavyweights like One Piece or Naruto, there’s a lot to enjoy about My Hero Academia, and the majority of its popularity stems from its characters.

With All Might stepping down as the Symbol of Peace in season three, there is still a power vacuum in Japan, albeit a few of figures appear to be particularly situated to fill it.


who is the strongest hero in my hero academia

While Eraserhead is a powerful hero in his own right, it isn’t necessary because of his peculiarity. Having the power to disable any opponent’s quirk seems useful, but he can only do it for short periods of time. Izuku quickly points out that Eraserhead’s peculiarity is best suited to fighting adversaries one-on-one or from the shadows.

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Eraserhead’s dedication to training and being better than his quirk allows him to be a genuinely outstanding hero. Perhaps his determination and intelligence, rather than his beneficial but restricted peculiarity, are his most significant talents.


The capacity to generate a vortex that can swallow anything and transform it into dust may appear to be a fairly great skill, and although it undoubtedly has its uses—for example, saving the lives of individuals stuck in wreckage after a natural disaster—there are some downsides.

Thirteen appears to require an unique suit in order to regulate and contain the power contained within the outfit. Furthermore, it appears that Thriteen’s vortex might pose a major threat to her friends under some scenarios. Thirteen is still a valued tool to do-gooders, and she appears to have earned her position among Japan’s hero elite.

Tomura Shigiraki

who is the strongest hero in my hero academia

While the ability to transform any of your foes into dust with a mere touch of all five fingers appears to be a strong quirk, it is also quite problematic. This quirk can only be used in close quarters, and it looks that Shigiraki doesn’t have much control over it (at least at first), which would make living a regular life difficult.

Shigaraki’s character develops significantly during his struggle against Re-Destro in Season 5, and his scary strength makes his future as a villain seem inevitable. Shigaraki, the obvious heir to All For One’s throne, is also well-connected and highly deadly.


While Bakugo has always boasted about how powerful and naturally brilliant he is, his world expands significantly once he begins attending U.A. His ability allows him to ooze nitroglycerin from his hands and ignite it at will. Bakugo’s fierce temper belies his amazing discipline and evident talent as a rising superstar.

Shoto Todoroki

who is the strongest hero in my hero academia

Todoroki, like Bakugo, has had a weird relationship with his power since he was a child. While Bakugo saw his strength as a platform that would elevate him to stardom like his idol, All Might, Todoroki saw his talents as a weight that tied him to his estranged father.

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Todoroki has fought for much of his early life to connect with the portion of his power that relates to Endeavor. However, in the second season, Izuku assisted Todoroki in moving over that internal struggle and realizing that his powers are his own. While he remains somewhat gloomy, he is definitely one of the most talented U.A. pupils.


While the My Hero Academia plot is full with sad villains, few have suffered as much as Kurogiri. He is first presented as a close buddy of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, but it is subsequently revealed that he was formerly a friend of Eraserhead who was converted into a Nomu-like beast.

Despite his terrible past, he’s an almost-invaluable asset to the League of Villains. He aids to facilitate many of the group’s activities by teleporting his comrades to and from their hideout and breaking them into otherwise secure facilities.


Kai Chisaki, also known as Overhaul, becomes the commander of the Shie Hassaikai and wants to rid the world of oddities by producing bullets imbued with Eri’s powers of reversal in the first part of My Hero Academia’s fourth season. Though he appears unimposing, Overhaul is capable of going to tremendous lengths to preserve and defend his enterprise when enraged or threatened. Kai Chisaki is certainly one of the most scary villains in the My Hero Academia anime, with a terrible body-morphing ability and seems capable of killing with the least brush of a hand.


who is the strongest hero in my hero academia

Eri was subjected to several atrocities while under the care of Kai Chisaki, who utilized her remarkable skills to promote his quest for dominance. Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata almost saved her early in Season 4, but her recapture happened only after a hard-fought struggle in the Shie Hassaiki hideaway. Eri, who was later taken to live with and rehabilitated by the pupils of U.A.’s Class 1-A, holds the ability to restore a person’s body to its original state. She used it to rapidly cure Deku when he pushed One For All far beyond its regular limitations, but it could also be used to reverse a person’s existence.


Though finally beaten and imprisoned, Gigantomachia was All For One’s most powerful and devoted follower. The villain, a colossal beast with several eccentricities, was a fearsome force for the forces of evil due to his immense power and exceptional durability.

Few could stand in Gigantomachia’s way and survive, despite his ability to beat Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains in battle. In reality, he succeeded to slay Pro Hero Majestic, and his sole flaw is his blind loyalty to his master.

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