The Top 11 DC Beings, Ranked From Weakest to Strongest!

In this article we will get to know about our stunning and strongest DC Characters!

Even Earth’s most powerful superheroes are no match for these colossal monsters. They’re so powerful that they can barely outrank each other. When you think of the most powerful characters in DC Comics, you might think of the Justice League superheroes. Perhaps Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, or Aquaman are the most powerful.

However, they are only a few of the most powerful beings on the planet. The DC Universe is enormous in scope. It reaches far beyond Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, and even distant dimensions. With such a vast universe, DC has far more than superheroes.

The vast world has gods from several religions, as well as the primary God figure. Angels and devils are also present. There are divine creatures and cosmic entities. Natural forces have tangible manifestations in the cosmos.

Superheroes have superhuman abilities such as tremendous strength and flying. These entities possess mad abilities such as omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. Some of them can build something out of nothing.

 who is the strongest superhero in dc

Others have the ability to manipulate all matter and even bend reality itself. Some entities are so incredibly powerful that even a team of Earth’s most powerful superheroes cannot defeat them. Some of their abilities are so vast that inferior beings cannot grasp them.

These are the 15 Most Powerful DC Beings, ranked from weakest to strongest, including characters from Vertigo publications.


The Ultimator is a strong entity in the DC Universe. The monster is a live representation of the 10th dimension, the ultimate dimension of everything.

 who is the strongest superhero in dc

Its abilities are nearly incomprehensible and have been regarded as god-like. The entity is capable of warping reality, manipulating time, manipulating dimensions, and shape-shifting. Ultimator is a ruthless predator. Ultimator is a foe of the imps of the fifth dimension. Ultimator asserts that by the time it reaches the fifth dimension, it has entirely destroyed four dimensions. The Ultimator’s might is unmatched by the imps.

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Despite his immense strength, Ultimator is beaten by the weaker Fifth-Dimension imp Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Mr. Mxyzptlk

Mr. Mxyzptlk is a 5th Dimensional imp. The DC Universe’s primary heroes live in the third dimension. He is extremely powerful in the third dimension.

 who is the strongest superhero in dc

When the imp enters the third dimension, he has unrestricted ability to bend reality and do anything he wants. He is not constrained by the physical rules of the dimension and cannot be gravely injured. Mr. Mxyzptlk stands out even among the other inhabitants of the fifth realm. He once defeated a higher entity from the tenth dimension.
Fortunately, Mxy chooses to utilize his great talents to irritate Superman rather than destroy the universe. He has utilized his abilities for devastation on a few occasions.


In the DC Universe, Kismet is a near-omnipotent cosmic entity. She wields enormous cosmic power and can essentially do whatever she wants, such as control time, space, and reality. She is also eternal since she is not influenced by the passage of time. Kismet is said to be the physical personification of time and the defender of the DC Universe. Her complete range of abilities is unclear due to her few appearances in comic books. She has led Superman along the road of virtue.


Krona is an Oan who was born on the distant planet Maltus. He was once a scientist who worked to bring order to the galaxy. Krona got fascinated with learning whatever she could.
He was told that attempting to uncover the beginnings of the cosmos would result in a dreadful calamity. He ignored the warning, though, and built a gadget that permitted him to view the beginning of time itself.
Krona manages to catch a glimpse of the beginning of creation, but then the universe completely shatters. This resulted in the creation of the DC multiverse and the introduction of the notion of evil into the universe.


The Anti-Monitor is one of the DC universe’s most formidable antagonists. He is capable of absorbing the energy of his environment. He can even absorb the energy of the entire cosmos to boost his own strength.

 who is the strongest superhero in dc

The major antagonist of DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths is the Anti-Monitor. This crossover event obliterated DC’s multiverse. He possesses superhuman strength and endurance, withstanding direct blows from Superman and a blue star exploding.

The villain may also release damaging energy bolts and twist reality.

He also had access to cutting-edge technology capable of changing, combining, or destroying whole worlds.

Superman Prime One Million

Superman is possibly the most powerful superhero on the planet. The Kryptonian, however, pales in comparison to the cosmic creatures of the DC Universe. Nonetheless, an other version of Superman exists who can compete with the gods. He is the 853rd Century Superman, also known as Superman Prime One Million.

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This Superman departed Earth after witnessing the deaths of all of his friends and family. He traversed the whole DC Universe, including the realms of Heaven and Hell. He then spent 15,000 years absorbing the energy of a yellow sun.
He was totally golden when he eventually emerged. His previously outstanding abilities, such as super strength, super speed, invulnerability, and heat vision, were amplified nearly infinitely. He also benefited.

The Endless

The Endless are a group of seven very strong entities. The Sandman comics include the quartet. They are symbolic of Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium.

It is uncertain where they came from. The Endless, on the other hand, are said to be the offspring of Time and Night. They are said to have existed since the beginning of time. They are among the most powerful entities in the cosmos.

Doctor Manhattan

DC Rebirth has introduced characters from the Watchmen series into the regular DC Universe. Dr. Manhattan, one of the most powerful humans on the planet, is among them.
Dr. Jonathan Osterman formerly worked as a nuclear physicist. He got caught in a radioactive particle experiment. The force of the generator ripped him apart and annihilated him. He seemed to be dead.

 who is the strongest superhero in dc
He was, however, transported outside of the physical reality and subsequently returned with powers that are nearly god-like. Dr. Manhattan possesses the capacity to manipulate all matter at the subatomic level.


Eclipso represents the Abrahamic God’s wrath. He is a supernatural entity with virtually limitless strength, yet it pales in comparison to his creator’s.

He possesses the ability to fly, as well as produce lethal beams of dark light from his left eye and a paralyzing ray of black light from his right eye. Eclipso is immortal and invincible, with increased speed, stamina, and intellect. He is also a superb swordsman with an indestructible sword. Eclipso was entrusted with punishing the evil. The entire world was flooded, except for Noah’s Ark, which was destroyed.

The Decreator

The Decreator is a cosmic entity that has the capacity to make things disappear from existence. It is the image of God. The Decreator was created when God created the cosmos and said, “Let there be light,” which generated the first shadow.

 who is the strongest superhero in dc

The Decreator, depicted by a massive, bloodshot eye, is a destructive power. It has no sense of morals, no personality, and no feelings. It cannot be reasoned with or overcome completely.

The Presence

In the DC Universe, there are several gods. Gods from several religions coexist. There are fictionalized versions of Greek gods such as Zeus, Ares, and Athena. Versions of ancient Egyptian gods and Hindu gods are also available. Then there are the gods of other worlds, including Krypton and Tamaran, and the New Gods of New Genesis.

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However, one heavenly character in the DC Universe outshines them all: The Presence. He is the DC equivalent of Abraham’s deity. His abilities are unclear, yet he is practically omnipotent.

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