Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Super, Let’s Find Out!

Dragon Ball Super has added gods and angels with incredible talents that make everyone else appear insignificant in contrast. Let’s find out the strongest of all!
Gods have been a part of the Dragon Ball universe since the launch of Akira Toriyama’s original manga, but their capacity to demolish planets is now eclipsed by newer characters’ ability to obliterate whole galaxies.
While the might of each deity in the Dragon Ball series is nothing to laugh at, the franchise has grown to contain a diverse pantheon of deities with wildly varying capabilities and abilities after decades of development and universe-building.

Power is an odd thing in the Dragon Ball world; nearly every important character is trying to acquire as much of it as humanly possible, to the point that even gods with the capacity to create and destroy planets may compare to some of the franchise’s all-time greats.

Dragon Ball has some of the most prominent characters in shonen history, and its gods are among the most powerful ever shown. However, they were not all created equal.

Dragon Ball Gods with the Most Power

1. Fusion Zamasu

Dragon Ball Gods with the Most Power

Zamasu is the major antagonist of the Future Trunks Saga, and he first appears as Goku Black, a mirror creature that looks like Goku dressed in black. In the original reality, Zamasu uses the Dragon Balls to take possession of Goku’s body in order to destroy mankind. Though Beerus prevents it, Goku Black is preserved from being obliterated from existence by his Time Ring. He meets the Zamasu from Future Trunks’ reality, who appears as a green-skinned humanoid, and the two eventually fuse into one.

2. Champa

Champa may resemble Lord Beerus if he lived on his sofa binge-eating junk food, but this God of Destruction is nothing to laugh at. Champa, the brother of Beerus and the Universe 6 God of Destruction, is reputed to be one of the most powerful gods in existence. Despite his chubby appearance, it is indicated that he possesses a power that rivals that of his sister.

Dragon Ball Gods with the Most Power

Champa has also been taught by Vados, an Angel who is even more powerful than her brother Whis. Given his teacher’s incredible prowess, Champa must have attained a high degree of strength as well. Even though Champa is a God of Destruction, his bad nutrition and lack of fitness limit his abilities.

3. Beerus

While Champa is extremely powerful, his brother Beerus outranks him due to his thinner physique and superior stamina. Lord Beerus, first seen in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, is one of the most terrifying combatants who have ever faced off against Goku. After waking up after a long hibernation, Beerus travels to Earth to confront its great Saiyan protectors, swatting away a Super Sayain 3 Goku with his finger.

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Beerus is powerful enough to destroy whatever planet he desires, depending on which side of the bed he awoke on. The sole reason he spared Earth after Goku’s defeat was his fondness for human food. Despite his incredibly destructive abilities, he is nevertheless outmatched by certain Angels and a few other celestial entities.

4. Belmod

Belmod is Universe 11’s God of Destruction. This terrifying clown from outer space makes his initial appearance during the Universal Survival Saga, with his orange hair, white complexion, and insane smile. This thin, pallid creature resembles Bozo the Clown and appears to haunt his opponents’ nightmares. Belmod, on the other hand, is one of the more tranquil Gods of Destruction.

Belmod, unlike his divine counterparts, gets along well with his Kais and is significantly more modest about his combat abilities than Beerus or Champa. Though comparing the power levels of the many Gods of Destruction is impossible, Whis suggests that Belmod’s might exceeds that of even Lord Beerus, making Belmod a plausible contender for one of the strongest gods out there.

5. Zen-Oh’s Bodyguards

Dragon Ball Gods with the Most Power

The Omni King is supposed to be the strongest being alive, thus the people monitoring his back have to be close to that level of power as well.Despite their supposed authority, the Bodyguards don’t do anything. Each of the guards is thought to have a power level comparable to Vados and Whis, and it’s difficult to imagine what they’re like when they all enter the combat together. The Attendants haven’t yet been involved in any brawls, but their reputation is more than enough to give them a high rating.

6. The Grand Priest

Whis and Vados are two of the most powerful Angels, although they pale in comparison to their father. The Grand Priest is supposed to be the most powerful of all Angels, and he serves as the Omni King’s right-hand man.

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The Grand Priest, in addition to being Zen-attendant, Oh’s is regarded as one of the universe’s most formidable warriors. The Grand Priest, like many other gods in Dragon Ball, hasn’t had much of an opportunity to shine, although Whis has remarked that his father’s might much exceeds his own.

7. Zen-Oh

Zen-Oh, also known as The Omen King, may appear charming, yet he possesses the capacity to wipe the whole universe without lifting a finger. Even Goku’s fiercest opponents couldn’t match that level of raw strength.

Zen-Oh is the multiverse’s monarch, ruling over all six universes. While Beerus observes that the Omni King does not fight, he claims that this is due to his unfathomable might. According to Whis, there were 18 Universes before Zen-Oh became bored and destroyed six of them.

8. Old Kai

Dragon Ball Gods with the Most Power

Old Kai resembles the Supreme Kai in a nursing facility, which is no surprise given that he was once the Supreme Kai himself. Old Kai may not be attractive, but he is praised for his wisdom and great magical skills. This is the consequence of Old Kai accidently merging with an old witch, which robbed him of part of his divine strength but bestowed him with certain magical abilities.
Old Kai resembles the Supreme Kai in a nursing facility, which is no surprise given that he was once the Supreme Kai himself. Old Kai may not be attractive, but he is praised for his wisdom and great magical skills. This is due to the

9. Grand Kai

The Grand Kai is in charge of keeping an eye on the other four Kais of Universe 7. Though he does not featured in Akira Toriyama’s original manga, he does appear in the anime. This is another god whose strength is difficult to assess because fans seldom get to witness him in action. However, considering his status as Universe 7’s chief Kai, it may be inferred that he is stronger than the other four.

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However, considering his Rip Van Winkle beard and thin frame, the Grand Kai has most likely fallen behind in his training over the years. He may be the instructor of some of the universe’s most powerful Kais, but considering their own laissez-faire attitude, that’s not saying much.

10. King Kai

Dragon Ball Gods with the Most Power

King Kai appears in the first season of Dragon Ball Z, and he is the first of many Kais—a Japanese phrase that means “world king”—who emerge throughout the series.
Goku seeks out King Kai in the afterlife after dying during his battle with Raditz in order to acquire new combat tactics from this master. Though King Kai taught Goku the famed Kaio-Ken strike as well as the spirit bomb, fans have never seen the stumpy blue deity battle anybody. In fact, King Kai is generally more concerned with telling a corny narrative than showcasing his combat prowess. He may be a master of novel tactics, but if he were to square off, he would lose.

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