Mother Killed Infant Twins and Put Bodies in Laundry Basket in Tennessee; Judge Revokes Bond after Hearing

An order from the Court of Criminal Appeals says that a woman who was found guilty of killing her newborn twins will not be able to post bond.

Lindsay Lowe was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of severe child abuse for killing her two babies at her parents’ house soon after they were born. She put their bodies in a laundry basket and hid them.

Lowe was given a new trial almost two years ago after her lawyers said she didn’t get a fair trial because of biased jurors. Even though a judge agreed, Lowe was later found not guilty and freed.

Lowe was caught again on Friday and taken to the Sumner County Jail. He was later released on bond.

Since then, the court has looked over a motion that the State of Tennessee made on Tuesday to take Lowe’s bond away as reported by News9Channel.

The paper says the court agreed with the state’s request. Starting right away, Lowe needs to be arrested and held without bond.

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