High School Teachers in Wisconsin Sent Inappropriate Images to Student; Resigned after Alleged Photos went Viral among Students

In Wisconsin, two high school business teachers were asked to quit after the district found out that one of their students had been acting inappropriately.

The teachers had talked to each other in a bad way, sending inappropriate photos to the student’s Snapchat accounts.

Alexsia Saldaris, a first-year teacher, and Jennifer Larson, an 11-year pro, quit their jobs in April after officials at Janesville’s Joseph Craig High School looked into what happened. The investigation showed that inappropriate texts were sent.

Both were said to have admitted to talking inappropriately with a male student who was not named. Saldaris admitted to sending sexy pictures, and Larson admitted to sending texts that included cuddling, flirting, and the idea of drinking.

The controversy is about a trip that kids took from April 7th to 9th. The school district says that both teachers sent the boy messages saying they wanted to cuddle and “have fun” with him during this time.

In addition, the network got a summary of the district’s investigation, which is where they asked if another kid could join.

The station said that Saldaris let the student drive a district van around the parking lot in the same event, giving the student the keys for a short time.

The network says that while she was changing her shoes in the back of the car, she and the student shared a quick kiss.

When The Post asked the school district and teachers for a statement, they did not give one.

News reports say that on April 9, Saldaris sent the child a bunch of pictures of herself in underwear and lingerie. Additionally, later texts revealed that they planned to meet over the weekend.

The next day, Larson told the school’s officials that Saldaris let the student drive the van. In the late morning, Saldaris texted the student to say that they needed to end their connection.

According to The Post, on April 11, the official got another report from a teacher about a group of boys who were hanging out and having fun looking at pictures on their phones.

The teacher said she was very sure that the pictures the kids were looking at were really of Saldaris in her underwear.

The station said that both teachers were put on administrative leave on April 12.

After ten days, the school board accepted their resignation as per The Post.

Right now, the Janesville Police Department is doing its own review to see if the teachers involved may have broken any laws, which could lead to criminal charges.

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