More Than A Dozen Hospitalized from Frostbite During NFL Games in Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri: Over a dozen people were hospitalized during Saturday’s playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium due to below-freezing temperatures.

The Kansas City Fire Department reported 69 “patient contacts” at Arrowhead on Saturday, with 15 individuals sent to nearby hospitals for further evaluation.

According to a KCFD representative, seven of the 15 people who went to the hospital had hypothermia, three had frostbite, and five had non-weather-related concerns.

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Miami Dolphins 26-7 in Kansas City when the temperature was negative 4 degrees and the wind chill was negative 27, making it the third lowest kickoff wind chill history, according to the Chiefs PR team.

The exact number of people who were hospitalized was not released by the authorities. Many people walked to the aid station at the Arrowhead Stadium with several issues. Many of them were weather-related issues while others had different issues.