Mom who Killed Son with her Bare Hands in Iowa convicted in Dallas County; Used Bleach to pass him out

Dallas County, Iowa: A mother was found guilty of suffocating and dumping bleach on 1-year-old child in Dallas County.

Yemissi N. Keto from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office killed her 1-year-old son in their house. The 27-year-old mother in Iowa has been sentenced to life in prison for torturing and killing her 1-year-old kid by dousing him in bleach and other chemicals before choking him to death inside their house.

A jury convicted Yemissi N. Keto of first-degree murder and child endangerment resulting in death, according to court records from Dallas County court.

As per a probable cause document, Waukee Police Department officers were dispatched to a residence on NW Greenwood Place in response to a 911 call reporting an unspecified issue at approximately 9:56 a.m. on August 31, 2023.

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Upon arrival, first responders found a juvenile male, designated as “DK” in court filings, in an upstairs bedroom of the home. The youngster was pulseless and unconscious.

Emergency medical personnel tried to resuscitate the boy but were unable to save him. He was declared deceased at the location.

Police discovered multiple opened bottles of bleach and cleaning supplies around DK when at the apartment. Officers noticed a strong smell of bleach and other cleaning chemicals. They observed that the carpet around DK’s corpse in the bedroom was moist, as well as the bathroom floor connected to the bedroom.

Police identified Keto as the victim’s mother and took her to the station for questioning by detectives. Investigators stated that she admitted to intentionally killing DK in an unusually cruel manner.

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Yemissi (Keto) confessed during the interview to pinning DK of the ground and pouring bleach or similar cleaning liquid on his face with the intention of killing him, as stated by the police in the affidavit.

When the bleach did not render DK unconscious, authorities stated that Keto chose to kill her son manually.

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