26-Year-Old Mother Arrested in Kansas City After Roasting 1-Month-Old Baby in Oven

Kansas City: Police arrested a 26-year-old woman last week on suspicion that she had put her infant daughter in an oven, which caused her serious injuries.

An unresponsive infant was the reason for the dispatch of Kansas City Police to a residence on February 9, as stated in a redacted probable cause statement made public by the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office. They arrived to find an adult clutching the corpse of a youngster. The infant, who was only one month old at the time of the incident, had obvious burn injuries; nonetheless, the Kansas City Fire Department’s efforts to save her were ultimately unsuccessful.

According to the probable cause statement, Mariah Thomas told her grandpa that she had put her daughter in the oven instead of her cot for a sleep, even though that was not her original intention. After that, the grandpa called the police, who then arrived and took the infant into their care.

Police said they found the baby in her car seat outside the house, with thermal injuries all over her and what looked like her clothes had melted over her diaper. The authorities also found a baby blanket with severe burns.

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office revealed Thomas’ charges on February 10, including first-degree endangering the welfare of a child resulting in death. The Jackson County Detention Center is her present place of detention.

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