Middle-Aged Stepson Arrested after Killing Father on Father’s Day in Houston; Community in Disbelief

Tragedy struck on Father’s Day as a father was discovered brutally beaten to death in the early hours of the morning. Authorities swiftly took action and apprehended his stepson in connection with the incident.

Authorities swiftly responded to an emergency call at an apartment complex in Northwest Houston early in the morning.

Upon entering the apartment, law enforcement discovered the lifeless body of 71-year-old Bill Fazenbaker. It has been reported that he suffered severe injuries.

“There is damaged furniture,” stated Sgt. Michael Cass of the Houston Police Department. “Our 71-year-old victim has sustained severe injuries to their face and body,” the speaker stated.

The victim has been identified as Bill Fazenbaker.

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The Houston Police Department has identified Ricky Ray Allen Jr. as their sole suspect in the case. According to detectives, he was apprehended at a nearby corner store.

The stepson was brought to HPD headquarters for questioning as reported by Click2Houston.

Neighbors have confirmed that the family has been residing in the apartment for quite a while. They also mentioned previous incidents involving Allen, such as an alleged arrest for theft on the property. Fazenbaker had been acquainted with his stepson since he was ten years old.

Authorities are currently conducting investigations and diligently gathering additional details regarding the unfortunate passing of the 71-year-old individual.

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