Man Stabbed Wife and Threw Son in Nearby Lake; Community in Disbelief after Heinous Killings

A guy from Florida went to court for the second time to answer for killing a woman and her child. People think this guy killed his two-year-old son and stabbed his mother. He was in court again this week for a second competency hearing.

Thomas Mosley went to court after six months in the state hospital because a judge thought he wasn’t mentally fit to stand trial. But Dr. Theresa L. Ascheman checked out the suspect and said he was healthy enough to stand trial.

Since 2019, Mosley has tried to kill himself three times. The last time was right before he was arrested for murder in 2023. He is charged with cutting Pashun Jeffery more than 100 times in St. Pete, Florida, in March 2023. She had been stabbed and was found in her room.

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The next day, Taylen, who was two years old, was found in a lake near Mosley’s mom’s house. The police have said that there is proof that Mosley was at both crime scenes.

When Jeffery and Taylen’s family went to court, they wore t-shirts with pictures of the deaths on them. In court, Dr. Theresa L. Ascheman Jones said that Mosley was taking antipsychotic drugs as well as drugs for anxiety and depression while he was at the hospital.

It was said that he was having flashbacks. She did say that he was mostly being reasonable and could explain what he needed.

As reported by IrishStar News, the prosecutors are seeking the Death Penalty for Thomas Mosley.

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