Pregnant Mom of 2 Lost Life due to Midwife’s Fault; Stillborn Son also Dead in Arizona; Husband and Father Pleads to Cancel License

A nurse in Arizona will lose her license because a mother and baby died while she was giving birth in Safford.

She was taking care of them for a home birth in December.

Arizona’s Family found out that this isn’t the first time something has gone wrong with this nurse; there are several records from years ago.

Parker Terry is both worried and annoyed by these past violations. The widower claims that he lost everything because they put their trust in someone whose license should have been taken away years ago.

“I just miss her.” Terry, who was crying, said, “She should be here.” “She should have her kids here with me and be with me.”

Tragic events happened at Christmas last year, when Terry and his growing family were meant to be happy. He lost his wife Jordan and their new baby boy Mack in just a few hours in December after problems with the birth at home.

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Terry said, “She started losing color in her face, and I told Sarah about it. She kind of ignored me and said she’s fine.” “I was obviously freaking out when she passed out, but Sarah just said, ‘It’s OK.'” The shock is just starting to wear off.”

According to Terry, he finally rushed her to the hospital. Jordan was then flown to another hospital. She did not live, though, and Mack was a stillborn.

He puts the blame on Sarah Kankiewicz, a qualified professional midwife. Terry says that his wife’s last words that made sense were a cry for help.
Jordan was a 28-year-old ER nurse in Safford.

Three of her children were born in hospitals. During her first pregnancy, she had a C-section. The next time, she had a VBAC.

Terry says she wanted to become a nurse so she could better help her future patients when they give birth at home.

The Arizona Department of Health Services was told about Kankiewicz’s actions after Jordan and Mack stopped breathing.

According to the records, she got five tickets for not calling 911 right away when Jordan’s lips turned white, not following good hygiene practices, and not checking vital signs or dilation often enough. The report says this because of Jordan’s health background.

Then ADHS sent her a warning that they were going to take away her license.

The government has found problems with Kankiewicz’s care before. Heather Flowers put in a report because Kankiewicz was the midwife who helped her have a bad birth four years ago.

Kankiewicz did work that wasn’t in her area of expertise, didn’t check Flowers’ vital signs often enough, and played down her serious wound.

Since 2020, Kankiewicz has had a license, but ADHS has fined her five times for not turning in paperwork on time. Repeat offenders could be fined thousands of dollars, but if they pay quickly, the fines could be cut by a lot.

The November report showed that Kankiewicz continued to treat a mother even after she was labeled with high blood pressure. This led ADHS to file a notice of intent to suspend her license in January.

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