Man Shot to Death during Store Robbery in Alabama; Was Purchasing Dog Food when Shot Dead: Son Revealed

Three men were killed last week in a robbery at a grocery store in Alabama. The police are still looking into what happened.

George Elijah Jr. has been named as one of the dead.

Mitchell “Holt” Elijah, his son, said that his dad was at the Tienda Los Hermanos grocery store on Tuesday night, talking to the owner and getting food for his dogs when shots were fired.

Eliza Holt said, “He taught me everything.” “I have a list ten miles long of all the things he meant to me and the times we spent together.”

The week before, Holt Elijah turned 25. He told me that his dad would do anything for anyone.

He said, “He was a good man.”

Montgomery police say that George Elijah, Daniel Lopez, and Ramiro Lopez, the store owner, were all killed in the theft that night.

Holt Elijah said that his dad had been to the store many times before and was on the phone with his brother when the killing began as reported by My Sun Coast.

The three guys were shot, though, and were fighting for their lives before help could get there.

The store owner was a customer of Holt Elijah’s dad’s credit card handling business, he said.

He said the killing was terrible and had hurt not only his family but also their close friends. He spent a lot of time with their family, Holt Elijah said of his dad and the Lopez family.

Two families are now trying to put their lives back together after what happened.

“You know, I want to keep his dream alive.” Holt spoke about his father. “He wouldn’t want me to be sad about it here.” He only wanted me to do well all the time.

Police in Alabama said they are actively looking for the people who committed the murder theft.

The family of George Elijah said they are getting ready to say goodbye to him. They are making funeral plans for a man who died too soon.

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