17-year-old Shot Dead after Intervening High School Fight in Seattle: Authorities

Authorities say that a 17-year-old boy was shot and died when he tried to stop a fight outside of his Seattle high school.

At 12:30 p.m. Thursday, the boy was shot several times in the Garfield High School parking lot. He later died at a hospital, according to Seattle police.

A fight started “between some high school-aged students,” Seattle police Deputy Chief Eric Barden told reporters Thursday. “Our victim, it appears, tried to intervene and break up that fight.”

“One of the original combatants approached the victim, and another fight broke out,” Barden said. “The suspect fired multiple rounds.”

Barden said that the subject has not been named. Police say he ran away and hasn’t been found yet. He said that the death of the teen was a “extraordinary tragedy.”

The school authorities said that Garfield High School would be closed on Friday and Monday.

The Seattle Police Department said that the 17-year-old student later died from his injuries at a local hospital, even though everyone tried to save his life.

He was said to have been hit by gunshots more than once as per Fox News.

“That suspect fled the scene and remains at large at this time,” he added. “We are working to identify that person who appears to be another high school-aged male,” he added.

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