Man Sentenced to Life after He Stabbed Man Multiple Times and Cut His Arm Off: Family of Victim Wants Death Penalty

Clint Barrett Brower admitted on Monday that he killed a man by stabbing him 30 times and then cutting him up in half at the laundry in a Biloxi RV park. Micah Harrington, 41, went into the Mazalea Travel Park laundromat to do some laundry while Brower was there doing the same thing. Brower said he stabbed Harrington several times.

Brower, who has had mental health issues in the past, said he didn’t remember talking to Harrington but that all of a sudden he thought Harrington was going to hurt him and other people.

Because of this, Brower said he took out a big kitchen knife from his bag and began stabbing Harrington. Brower said Harrington tried to get away but failed, so he kept stabbing him and even cut off one of his arms in what the police called a brutal attack.

Brower said he was going to take Harrington’s body to the Beau Rivage casino resort after the killing on May 26, 2020, to see if someone there could put Harrington back together. His lawyer, Michael Crosby, said this was another example of Brower’s severe mental health problems.

These things were said by Brower on Monday, when he pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of the longtime construction worker on May 26, 2020. Judge Lisa Dodson said what happened to Harrington made no sense and gave Brower a life term.

Before being sentenced, Brower told Harrington’s daughter, Micara Harrington, he was sorry for what he had done, which Micara didn’t want to hear. A friend of Harrington’s who worked in building with him for a few years, Cory Washburn, also talked about his loss.

Harrington was a good man, Washburn said. He loved his daughter and was trying to make a good life for himself and his family when he died. There were almost seven days a week that Washburn worked with him. “He was so proud of the progress he was making,” Washburn said. “He was building a life here.” Every day, he talked about his daughter and how he wanted to get better and build a home for her. The daughter of Harrington and Washburn both wanted Brower to be put to death for what he did.

But Brower’s lawyer said that his or her mental health was a big part of the crime. This person, Clint, has had mental health problems all his life, Crosby said in the days following the murder. “Everything in their power to get him help, his mother and sister have done.” Crosby said Brower was going in and out of the hospital to get help for his problems.

He actually had an interview at Gulf Coast Mental Health just a few days after the murder. There was a murder that same day, and police in Biloxi arrested Brower in the morning for disorderly behavior. But cops in Biloxi let him go and drove him back to the RV park. Brower’s family has long wondered why Biloxi drove him home the day of the murder after picking him up earlier that day on an open warrant. They knew he wasn’t feeling well, so they did it anyway.

At the time, Biloxi police said Brower was relaxed and there were no signs that he would be a danger to others. They then drove him home.