Man Caught Molesting Little Girl in Car; Police Arrested the Man after Witness Reported the Incident in Alabama

A search in several counties led to the arrest of a guy from Dale County. The arrested individual is identified as Colt Bryan Lecuyer, 33.

A person in Level Plains called the police and said they saw Lecuyer sexually touching a child under 10 years old in the back of Lecuyer’s car.

When Level Plains cops arrived, Lecuyer had already left. The Dale County Sheriff’s Office says Lecuyer is a federally controlled release inmate and a registered sex offender.

Lecuyer’s car was seen in an Auburn Wal-Mart parking lot just after 10 p.m. on Friday. Officers from DCSO, Auburn Detectives, and Lee County took the car back to Dale County with their help.

Lecuyer was seen walking near the line between Lee and Macon Counties in the Tuskegee National Forest on June 2, according to DCSO personnel.

The area got help from the Macon County Sheriff’s Office, ALEA’s aviation unit, SBI officers, and the ADOC K9 team.

Before they caught the thief in Macon County, the K9 team followed him for more than four miles.

The deputies from Dale County are going to Macon County to get Lecuyer and bring him back to Dale County. His arrest at the Dale County Jail for rape and sodomy will happen soon.