1-year-old Dead in Tennessee; Mom and Partner Arrested after Toddler was Rushed to Hospital: Police

On Monday morning, a woman and her boyfriend who lived with her were brought into jail in connection with the terrible death of their daughter, who was 14 months old.

On Sunday, June 2, special agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) collaborated with deputies from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office to investigate a case involving a toddler who was sent to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. The toddler was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Following that, a young child by the name of Shiloh Durrance was sent to a hospital in Nashville. According to the conclusions reached by the investigators, she unfortunately passed away on Monday, June 3, as a consequence of the injuries she sustained.

The authorities have made the announcement that they have taken into custody a lady who is 18 years old and her live-in partner who is 20 years old in connection with the terrible death of a toddler. Monday was the day that TBI agents conducted the arrests. The individuals, who have been named as Zachary Gray and Sara Durrance, both of whom are residents of Hollow Rock, are currently being held in prison.

The charges against Durrance and Gray are extremely serious and pertain to the abuse and neglect of children. Gray is now being charged with third-party homicide, which is an additional felony.

The Carroll County Jail is currently housing both of the individuals who were taken into custody that were taken into custody. In the present moment, Durrance is being held on a bail of one hundred thousand dollars, whereas Gray is being kept without bond.

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