Man lost his life in Targeted attack in Brooklyn after shots rang up in Neighborhood

Brooklyn, NY: Authorities have confirmed that a man has lost his life to a targeted shooting outside his house in Brooklyn.

Tragically, the father of thirteen children was shot and killed outside of a brownstone in Brooklyn early Sunday morning. He had rescued his family from a house fire sparked by their landlord.

Authorities and neighbors stated that a group of shooters who were “waiting for him” ambushed and fatally shot Lavel Fraiser, 40, who was known as “Flip” by his pals.

The cops reported finding Fraiser in the rear of a building at 673 Sterling Place just after 1 a.m.

According to Fraiser’s 28-year-old wife Andriana, he is a “superhero” dad to his 13 kids, four of whom are theirs.

His dramatic rescue of his family from their former flat, which had been threatened by their landlord who had allegedly set fire to the building due to one tenant’s unpaid rent, was recounted by his wife.

He prevented death for my family and me. She explained that last September, they were victims of a house fire. “My six children and I were rescued by him.”

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The police reported that Fraiser passed away at the hospital. Christopher McCarthy, 46, a neighbor, claimed he was the one who dialed 911 and had known the victim.

The New York Police Department has launched an investigation to look into the matter. All the shooting suspects are on the large. The authorities say that the role of the landlord in the shooting will also be investigated thoroughly.

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