Man Killed Girlfriend’s Estranged Husband after He came to Visit Their Teen Daughter in Minnesota: Authorities

A 32-year-old individual has been charged in relation to a tragic shooting incident that occurred in St. Paul on Monday.

James Edward Hagen is being charged with second-degree murder.

As mentioned earlier, authorities responded to a shooting incident at a residence on York Avenue at approximately 8:25 p.m. on Monday. A woman was performing CPR on the victim, later identified as Jonathan Diaz, 35. Diaz was declared dead at the scene.

The medical examiner determined that he had sustained six gunshot wounds.

Witnesses in a criminal complaint have positively identified Hagen as the shooter. They reported that he made a quick getaway on a bike before eventually abandoning it and fleeing on foot. Additionally, witnesses reported the presence of a white Cadillac that was seen circling the area following the incident.

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Police discovered seven spent casings outside the garage and an additional two inside the garage. In addition, a handgun was discovered in the garage.

Investigators interviewed the 13-year-old daughter of the woman present at the scene, who happens to be Diaz’ estranged wife. The teenager mentioned that the two individuals were in the process of ending their marriage. According to court documents, it has been alleged that Hagen is in a relationship with the user’s mother and is also believed to be responsible for shooting Diaz.

The teenager also mentioned that Hagen and Diaz had a difficult relationship. In August of 2023, officers responded to a call at the same residence regarding a shooting incident. Upon arrival, they discovered Hagen with gunshot wounds to both legs, as stated in the complaint. The 13-year-old claimed that Diaz was the one who pulled the trigger.

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The girl informed the police that Hagen had made a threat to harm Diaz when they crossed paths again.

According to her account, she was in the kitchen with her mother when they suddenly heard a series of loud bangs. The girl informed the police that Hagen angrily shouted at her mother, stating his intention to harm him, before swiftly escaping on a bicycle as reported by KSTP News.

According to Diaz’s estranged wife, he occasionally drives by the house to visit his child, as she informed the police. Hagen discovered that he had passed by the residence on the day of the incident, leading to a heated disagreement.

According to court documents, the woman refused to see Hagen at the scene of the shooting.

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