Man Chased and Choked Girlfriend; Arrested for Severe Domestic Abuse in Ohio

A man was taken into custody on accusations of felony domestic violence after it was reported that he had physically assaulted and choked his partner.

After being taken into custody at around 8:20 p.m. on Friday at a residence located on Brentwood Avenue, Alvin Robinson, who is 51 years old, was incarcerated through the weekend in the Mahoning County jail on the charge of a third-degree felony.

A lady informed the police that Robinson began arguing with her inside her home, chased her outside, put her in a chokehold, and also fought with a bystander who tried to help her. According to the reports, the police were summoned to the residence because of a fight, and when they arrived, the woman told them that Robinson had fought with her.

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Robinson instructed the police that they should either arrest him or get out of the house when they walked inside the house to gather their version of the events, so the police followed his instructions and arrested him, according to the reports.

The court records indicate that Robinson was arrested for domestic abuse in 1998 and has a prior conviction for felony domestic violence from 2008. According to WKBN, this conviction was handed down in 2008.

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