Japan’s Love Is Blind- Where Are They Now? Who Is Still Married?

In this article we will talk about the relationship between the couples of ‘Love Is Blind’.
The rise of dating applications and social media sites Reality shows have somehow become the ones to assist us realize that what actually counts is who someone is on the inside over the last several years. The clearest illustration of this in terms of romantic ties is, of course, the ‘Love is Blind’ franchise, which explores the question of whether an emotional connection can overcome physical appeal.

We know that some features, as well as problems, are universal now that its Japanese counterpart has already aired, demonstrating just how individuals might fall in love unseen and then make their relationship work. However, if you want to learn more about all of the major couples in this feel-good production, including their present status and whereabouts, as well as a little more, we’ve got the vital information for you.

Are Ryotaro and Motomi Together?

love is blind japan who is still together

There was an apparent chemistry between Ryotaro and Motomi from the minute they first met in the pods, so their engagement came as no surprise. In fact, it wasn’t surprising that they were able to work over their shyness after meeting face-to-face (due to his “rugged” appearance) or their sincerity while meeting their partner’s parents. They’d kept the sense of gratitude, as promised in the pods, and cheerfully committed to keep it forever while standing before the altar.

Since then, it appears that they’ve maintained their friendship while living in Tokyo, demonstrating that they initially fell for each other’s hearts and compassion. As of this writing, neither Ryotaro nor Motomi have made any public statements on this aspect of their lives, which is fair given that their whole story was recently detailed in the Netflix original. However, the former is a hairdresser and fashion shop manager, the latter is an advertising salesman, a Chinchilla mother, and a culinary fanatic.

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Are Wataru and Midori Together?

love is blind japan who is still together

Wataru and Midori’s story is one for the books because of their love triangle with Priya, followed by the latter’s concerns over his appearance. Despite this, they were able to make things work since he was still the same man she’d fell in love with inside the pods and because he worked hard to modify his looks for/with her. His confident demeanor, mixed with the fact that he continually putting out his hand, gradually alleviated her concerns about marriage, resulting in a happy conclusion.

Contrary to popular belief, Wataru and Midori did not walk over each other because they had an understanding that allowed them to not only set limits but also discuss them. As a result, we’re pleased to report that they appear to be still together, establishing a new life for themselves (and Lupin the dog) in Tokyo. Wataru isn’t on any social networking networks, but according to recent sources, he is a high-ranking executive at an IT business. Midori used to be a computer consultant, but she now aspires to bring new technologies to the forefront through b8ta.

Shuntaro and Ayano Got Separated

love is blind japan who is still together

Despite how Shuntaro and Ayano’s relationship played out, it was the former who called off their wedding on the morning of because he just wasn’t prepared. He stated that he thought he was pressuring her and their relationship to be something it wasn’t, to which she answered that she, too, would say no due to their age difference and other factors. It was bittersweet since he never received precise answers, but it was for the better.

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Misaki and Kaoru Got Separated

love is blind japan who is still together

Misaki and Kaoru split up for good three days before their wedding owing to communication problems. She could never understand his feelings, let alone estimate what he was thinking, and that made her realize she needed more for her future than that, so she let go. Misaki joked a lot, which meant that while pretending to be an overthinker, he couldn’t go into the heart of any topic, which proved to be the demise of it all. But it appeared that they parted on good terms.

This is all about the couples fron the reality show- Love Is Blind.

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