Killers Admit Using Sledge Hammer to Kill Man in Michigan: Authorities

Two individuals confess to assaulting a homeless man with a sledgehammer, resulting in his tragic demise.

In 2022, the discovery of Lashaun Keith’s body in a hay field in Van Buren County raised suspicions about his death.

Deputies from Van Buren County reported that a body was discovered by hunters who were surveying the area near the Kal-Haven Trail. The body, identified as Keith, was found lying in a mowed field, with no one else around.

Investigators from the MSP arrived at the scene and discovered Keith’s body along with a set of gloves containing DNA evidence. This crucial find has led them to a suspect who is believed to have been involved in disposing of the body.

The name of the man is being withheld by News Channel 3, as he has not yet been officially arrested or charged.

Additionally, detectives have discovered other evidence that has resulted in the charging of two men with open murder in June 2024:

Bryan Wimbley, a 29-year-old man from Hartford, and Zachary Trainor, a 22-year-old man from Watervliet

Both individuals informed MSP Detectives that their intention was to harm Keith, rather than causing his demise as per MidMichiganNow.

Based on court records obtained by News Channel 3, Keith was found to be homeless and residing under a bridge near the Kalmazoo Wings Event Center, which was undergoing construction at the time. Both Wimbley and Trainor were employed at the construction site.

During an interview, Wimbley informed detectives that Keith displayed an antagonistic attitude towards both himself and other construction workers.

Wimbley admitted that he and Trainor had consumed alcohol and returned to their workplace on Halloween night 2022 with the intention of teaching him a lesson.

Trainor informed the authorities that they used a sledgehammer to cause Keith’s demise.

During questioning, Wimbley confessed to striking Keith’s legs with a hammer on several occasions, even when Keith fell onto train tracks and tried to stand back up.

Trainor admitted to hitting Keith with a sledgehammer in the chest and ribs, stating that Keith was “fighting for his life at that point” and managed to grab the hammer.

Trainor confesses that he managed to overpower Keith and deliver a punch to his face, resulting in a broken hand for himself.

Trainor informed detectives that he had enlisted the assistance of another individual, whom he compensated with $5,000, to transport Keith’s body to a hay field in Van Buren County, located nearly an hour away.

Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeff Getting praises the Michigan State Police for their comprehensive investigation.

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“They did an excellent job of meticulously following the evidence to identify individuals who may have been involved, ultimately leading them to the potential perpetrators,” Getting said.

As per MSP, the third individual implicated in the transportation of Keith’s body has not yet faced arrest or charges.

MSP stated that Trainor has been cooperative throughout the investigation, willingly providing the sledgehammer he allegedly used to commit the crime against Keith.

According to court records in Kalamazoo County, Wimbley is scheduled to appear in court for a probable cause hearing on July 11, followed by a preliminary examination on July 18.

According to documents, Trainor is scheduled to appear for a probable cause hearing on July 5, followed by his preliminary examination on July 11.

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