6th Grader Molested by Substitute Teacher in Illinois; Teacher Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault

A substitute teacher accused of sexually assaulting a sixth grader returned to the courtroom this morning. In April, Alley Bardfield, 32, was arrested by Mt. Zion police on charges related to grooming and predatory criminal sexual assault of a child under 13.

There has been a recent complaint filed by the family of the minor against Bardfield, Decatur Public Schools, and the School Board. The victim’s parents filed a new complaint on June 28.

According to the claim, Decatur Public Schools and its School Board were aware or should have been aware that Bardfield was not qualified to be a substitute teacher due to her failure to complete the necessary trainings on sexual misconduct and grooming, as mandated by Illinois state law.

The family has filed a lawsuit against the school board, the district, and Bardfield, alleging various charges in connection with the incident, such as emotional distress and negligence.

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As per the claim, the victim’s parents assert that Bardfield lacked the necessary training on adult sexual misconduct, ethics regarding sexual misconduct, identifying and reporting child abuse, and Title IX.

According to the report, the district was aware that Bardfield had not completed these trainings. The plaintiffs further contend that the school district should have been aware of Bardfield’s unsuitability for the position due to her failure to complete the required trainings.

The family also alleges that this is indicative of a broader trend of misconduct among DPS employees, suggesting that the district should have been cognizant of Bardfield’s interactions with students prior to her arrest.

The lawsuit argues that the board should have been responsible for overseeing its agent or employee’s daily tasks and obligations at Hope Academy as reported by Fox Illinois.

Bardfield is currently being held in the Macon County Jail. The next pretrial hearing is scheduled for August 29.

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