Are Salvador Perez and Mallory Zapata Still Together? Let’s Find Out!

This article will address questions that, “Are Sal and Mallory Still Together?” Learn everything there is to know about Salvador Perez and Mallory Zapata’s relationship. As a result, if this issue piques your interest, stick with us.
The season 2 conclusion of Love Is Blind was quite shocking, especially in terms of which couples wedded and who broke up.
Fans are ready for an update on Mallory and Sal’s love story, despite their hint that they may try to make their romance work outside of the program. What we now know about Mallory and Sal’s relationship is as follows.

What Happened in the Final Episode of Love Is Blind?

 are mal and sal still together

Favorites among the public Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez’s wedding was one of the most beautiful moments. They were polite despite their decision not to marry. Sal reached out to Mallory’s family and friends to express his feelings for her.

Sal eventually cancelled the wedding, telling Mallory, “I can’t, I simply feel like I need more time.” Sal’s decision seemed to be respected by Mallory, and they addressed it after the wedding.

At the end of Love Is Blind, Mal and Sal looked to be getting along well, but it was uncertain if they would stay together. Mal consented to Sal’s proposal that they go on a date without cameras. This makes us wonder if they ever ended up dating.

What Happened During Love Is Blind’s Reunion?

Mallory and Sal confessed that they are no longer together in the second season reunion episode. The former couple revealed that they had met for coffee after the program ended, but that it never turned romantic.

Sal was upset to see Mal flirting with Jarrette on television in Mexico, despite the fact that they had nothing against each other. He stated that the interaction was inappropriate. Sadly, it looks that Mal and Sal were never meant to be together.

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Mallory and Sal, Are Still Together?

 are mal and sal still together

Sal addressed the wedding day with Us Weekly on February 25.My emotions were all over the place at the wedding,” he admitted. “I was trying to make sense of all we’d been through together, and I could feel it all.” “I was really just mentally summing everything up,” he added, “and I knew that at the moment of my wedding, I just wanted to make that decision with her.” I was curious as to how I felt in that moment with her. “That day was wild,” says one. Given his strong feelings for Mal, it’s possible that Sal might have said “I do” on that day if circumstances had been different.

The Couple is No Longer Together. Sal also expressed sorrow for not expressing himself more regularly during the series. “I wish I had had a couple more of those true, emotional confrontations with Mallory,” he told Us Weekly. It would have been great to see a few more of those, as I feel they are crucial to the storyline.

Sal also alluded to his post-Love Is Blind existence, saying, I am pretty delighted. I know Mallory is content as well. Could this mean they finally got together?

Mal and Sal appear to have nothing in common on social media, but they do appear to follow one another. On February 1, Mallory promoted Love Is Blind on Instagram and revealed her involvement in the forthcoming season. Sal was caught lurking in the comments section, where he commented “Getting it, Mal,” along with some fire and clap emojis that seemed more encouraging than romantic.

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More About the Couple from Social Media

Yassss!” said Mallory in response to Sal’s Instagram post about his show. Again, this is a rather generic remark that looks to be more of a kind greeting.
Throughout the summer of 2021, Sal looked to be dating someone else, but Instagram provided no additional information. Or he may have been out with friends, who knows?! Regardless, Mallory was not present. Obviously, some fans are relieved that Sal and Mal did not marry. Some people question if Sal reunited with his ex-girlfriend, who was outraged when she showed up at his sister’s house during shooting.

Others are more interested in Mal and Sal than in Mal and Sal. Deepti raised speculation when she shared an intimate-looking photo with Sal on her Instagram Stories. They appear to have reunited in Las Vegas at the Love Is Blind chapel to promote the season 2 finale.

They were not, however, alone; other cast members were present. Fans who paid attention, on the other hand, couldn’t dispute that they were a terrific couple. Kyle, on the other hand, pretended to admire Deepti during the Love Is Blind reunion. This appeared to put a stop to Deepti and Sal’s dating rumors. While we investigate whether or not these rumors are true, you may follow us on Instagram.
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