Joey Testa, a brutal Gambino hitman who served a life term for his involvement in 11 killings, is about to be released from prison after 35 years

Joey Testa, a feared enforcer for the Gambino crime family, is scheduled for release in April, ending a 35-year term in prison. This announcement by the Federal Bureau of Prisons comes shortly after the news of Anthony Senter’s, Testa’s accomplice and the other half of the so-called Gemini Twins, parole.

Both men, now in their late sixties, have been granted parole despite receiving life sentences plus 20 years in 1989 for their involvement in at least 11 murders, according to federal authorities.

The release of these notorious figures stems from their roles during the violent peak of the Gambino family’s operations in the 1970s and 1980s, under the direction of mobster Roy DeMeo.

Their base of operations, the Gemini Lounge in Brooklyn, became infamous as a site for brutal crimes ranging from murder to drug trafficking.

The ordinary exterior of this venue belied the grim reality within, where unsuspecting victims were led to their deaths, contributing to a staggering count of crimes associated with DeMeo’s crew.

Testa’s attorney, Linda Sheffield, cites his chronic health issues and good behavior in prison as factors contributing to his parole.

Despite the gruesome nature of his crimes, Testa became eligible for parole under the regulations preceding the 1987 federal sentencing guidelines, which allowed consideration for parole after a decade in prison.

The revelations from Testa’s 1989 trial painted a horrifying picture of the methods employed by the DeMeo crew, with detailed accounts of executions and body disposals that shocked the courtroom.

The sheer brutality led to the life sentence handed down by US District Court Judge Vincent L. Broderick, who deemed life imprisonment the only rational response to such heinous acts.

Yet, the impending release of Testa has been met with mixed reactions. His family, particularly his nephew Tony Testa, expresses joy and gratitude, portraying the time served as adequate penance. Tony, attempting to capitalize on his uncle’s notoriety, has ventured into music, branding his work with references to his family’s mob past.

While Testa plans to settle in Nevada with his wife and family, the community remains wary. The coinciding releases of Testa and Senter have spurred speculation regarding potential new disclosures about the mob’s activities and unresolved crimes.

The expectation is that their freedom might be tied to undisclosed agreements or cooperation with authorities, given their deep involvement in the Gambino family’s dark history.

As these notorious figures prepare to reenter society, the shadow of their past deeds and the potential implications for future revelations loom large, stirring a mix of anticipation and apprehension among those acquainted with the legacy of the Gemini Lounge and the brutal efficiency of the Gemini Twins.