After her lover throws her onto the tracks during an argument, a subway victim loses both of her feet: authorities

In a horrifying turn of events in Manhattan, a 29-year-old woman suffered severe injuries after being pushed onto subway tracks during a dispute with her boyfriend, resulting in the loss of both her feet, according to police authorities.

The incident unfolded at the Fulton Street Station near Chambers Street as a southbound 3 train arrived at approximately 10:25 a.m. on Saturday. The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, was struck by the oncoming train, leading to catastrophic injuries.

Witnesses reported that the couple was embroiled in a heated argument moments before the woman was pushed onto the tracks. The alleged perpetrator, identified as 35-year-old Christian Valdez, fled the scene immediately after the incident.

However, his escape was short-lived as he was apprehended later that evening around 9:35 p.m. in Brooklyn by the New York Police Department (NYPD). Valdez was arrested at the intersection of Jay and Willoughby streets while attempting to meet with a parole officer.

During police interrogation, Valdez reportedly admitted to pushing his girlfriend in front of the train amidst their altercation. He has since been charged with attempted murder and felony assault, and was held without bail after a court arraignment on Sunday evening.

Following the tragic incident, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) officials promptly cut power to the tracks, enabling emergency responders to attend to the victim.

She was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in a critical state. Medical reports later revealed the necessity to amputate her right leg below the knee and her left leg above the knee. The victim also sustained multiple rib fractures and a pulmonary embolism, adding to the gravity of her condition.

The exact cause of the argument between the victim and Valdez remains unclear. However, bystanders, including one who identified himself as William, provided immediate assistance.

William, who claimed to have military experience from serving in the Iraq war, utilized his emergency medical training to offer aid until the authorities arrived. Recounting the event, he described the victim’s resilience and her disbelief over the catastrophic outcome of the incident.

This tragic event occurred just before another unrelated incident where an individual was fatally struck by a train in Midtown, Manhattan, near Seventh Avenue and West 53rd Street. The details surrounding this second incident remain scarce, but it highlights a somber day for New York City’s subway system.

The community and the city at large have been left in shock by these events, prompting discussions on public safety and mental health support. As the investigation continues, many are calling for increased measures to prevent such devastating incidents from recurring.

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