Are Subodh and Rachel From Love on The Spectrum US Still Together? Let’s Find Out!

It’s apparent that ‘Love on the Spectrum U.S.’ stands out in a sea of dating reality series, and it’s entirely due to the uplifting approach it takes to the issue. After all, it follows a group of individuals on the autistic spectrum as they delve deeply into the perplexing yet amazing world of dating, all while dealing with misunderstandings about their life. Subodh Garg, a marvelously happy math prodigy, looked to have found a real life mate in Rachel Osterbach. Let’s check out where this combo stands right now, shall we?

Let’s Find Out Subodh and Rachel’s Love on the Spectrum in the United States

The Spectrum of Love Subodh Garg found a partner in Rachel Osterbach, and fans are interested in where their relationship is now. Fans want to know if they’ll still be together in 2022 after the US version wrapped production in the summer of 2021. Love On The Spectrum follows a group of six autistic people as they enter the dating scene. Subodh appeared for the first time in episode 2 of the program. The 33-year-old stated that he had never been on a date before and was looking forward to the experience.

are rachel and subodh still together

Subodh had not been on a single date by the time he reached 33, but he knew in his heart that he not only had a lot of love and devotion to share, but that he was also willing to take the necessary measures. That’s when his family and an autism specialist stepped in to assist him negotiate the unspoken social conventions and bring out the most in his self-assured kind and lively nature. Every factor, from a practice date to his loved ones’ steadfast support, therefore had a role in keeping Subodh stable during his first-ever romantic venture, which means it worked beautifully.

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Subodh forgot to take out Rachel’s chair as he’d been instructed, and he did immediately ask to shift the subject when she tried to chat about television, but it didn’t make much of a difference. They still had a lot of shared interests, such as travel, cuisine, dancing, and music (despite their different styles), so their talks were generally free-flowing. The couple demonstrated that you don’t have to be identical in every aspect to enjoy someone’s company, as Rachel gladly agreed when Subodh asked her out on a second date.

are rachel and subodh still together

Subodh’s next session with the expert concentrated on other issues because he had been kind by paying for the entire dinner, as his mother had requested. He then recognized that if he wanted to have a future with Rachel, he needed to pay true attention to her interests, which drove him to be open-minded during their following meet-up at the beach. Not only did Subodh take Rachel’s chair and enquire about her interests before anything else, but he also made sure she had her first kite-flying experience (while singing “Let’s Go Fly A Kite”), which led to much more.

Are Subodh and Rachel Still Together?

Subodh and Rachel had nothing but positive things to say about their dates, so it was no surprise that their third one was a meeting with his parents and sister. The most noteworthy feature here, apart from his making Pad Thai for her to express his gratitude, was that he had chosen to publicly ask her to be his girlfriend at the conclusion of dinner. To say things went well would be an understatement, as Rachel was effectively accepted into the Garg family as a member, thus of course, Subodh and Rachel are still together!

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Subodh’s social media platforms show that he’s now in a happy relationship, which we assume is with Rachel (who you might recognize from A&E’s ‘Born This Way‘ docuseries). The California residents don’t appear to have taken the next step or begun traveling together (as is Subodh’s desire of an around-the-world honeymoon), but they do look to be striving for it. We can’t wait to see what Subodh and Rachel do next since their upbeat personality make them wonderfully compatible.


The couple is still Together! Subodh and Rachel are still together and happy, according to Aarti’s statement. Subodh was asked on Reddit what he loved best about Rachel, and he answered, “I enjoy hanging out with her. Despite the fact that they don’t reside in the same city, Subodh and Rachel strive to get together at least once a week.

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