High School Baseball Player Arrested After He Sliced Teammate’s Ear During Practice in Miami

Miami, FL: Authorities in Miami arrested a high school student after he slashed a fellow teammate’s ear. The student studied at Miami Palmetto Senior High School.

He was arrested after allegedly throwing an airhorn at another student during baseball practice, resulting in a big wound that required numerous stitches to close.

The 16-year-old student was detained last week for aggravated violence. On Tuesday, the grandmother of the allegedly attacked student stepped out.

“The ear was slit on top. Like the number seven. It moves across and down. “They had to connect the top of the ear and the back,” said Candida Chesman, the victim’s grandmother.

Chesman reported her 15-year-old grandson, David Diaz, had six stitches in his ear.

High School Baseball Player Arrested After He Sliced Teammate's Ear During Practice in Miami

Police records show that the high school squad was practicing at Coral Reef Park. According to the arrest warrant, the team’s head coach ordered extra laps after Diaz brought food to the field.

After practice, the defendant became agitated and threatened to “whoop” the victim.

The defendant then informed police that he threw an air horn at the victim in an attempt to terrify him. He claimed he intended to hit the ground near his teammate’s feet but accidentally smacked him in the head, according to the report.

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