Glorilla Not Backing Down after she Posted “GloLillard” Pics on her IG

Glorilla is making waves after she was arrested for her DUI in Georgia. But this time, the thing is entirely new. It seems that GloRilla isn’t going down without a fight even though Damian Lillard’s estranged wife has given her a new nickname that she’s completely enjoying.

The rapper flaunted her new top on Instagram, which resembled a crop top. The back of the top said “GloLillard” with Dame’s number “0” located below.

This action was definitely targeted at Lillard’s estranged wife Kay’La after GloRilla’s little run-in with the law for DUI, Kay’La decides to share Glo’s mug shot on IG. She even goes as far as playfully calling her a sister-wife and using the hashtag “#FreeGloLillard.”

Last week, law enforcement officers detained and booked her on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, consuming or possessing an open container of alcoholic beverages, and charging her with a separate traffic offense.

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GloRilla couldn’t help but notice Dame’s comments, and she had a little something to say in return on X: ““Ok coo [grinning face with sweat emoji] [smiling face with sunglasses emoji].”

GloRilla had a blast at the NBA All-Star Game in Indiana, where Damian Lillard totally stole the show and even managed to snag a picture with the 33-year-old.

Glo couldn’t help but share a hilarious snapshot of themself with Lillard on social media, playfully asking, “Who n-gga dis is ? Cause I want him #GetEmGlo.”

Reference: TMZ and HipHopDx