Ghosts of Morgan City Season 2 Release Date: Will This Series Return for a Second Season?

‘Ghosts of Morgan City’ is a spooky documentary that follows a crew of paranormal investigators as they investigate possible hauntings in Morgan City, Louisiana. Its launch was confirmed in May 2019 via an official announcement by Travel Channel as a sequel to ‘Ghosts Of Shepherdstown.’ Mark Kadin, Will Ehbrecht, Lucia Lyman, and Elaine White executive produce for MAK Pictures.

Will Ghosts of Morgan City Return for Season 2?

The second season of “Ghosts of Morgan City” has not yet been picked up. Ghosts of Morgan City hasn’t been officially picked up for a second season by the Travel Channel yet. There is no set date for when the new season will come out. This doesn’t mean that the show is no longer going to be on. The next season hasn’t been confirmed or set up yet. The show may be on break. As more information comes in, it will be added to this post.

Ghosts of Morgan City Season 2: Cast

Ben Hansen, Jereme Leonard, and Sarah Lemos star as the lead characters in ‘Ghosts of Morgan City.’ Hansen has previously been on ‘Fact Or Faked: Paranormal Files,’ as well as ‘Paranormal Lockdown’ and ‘Ghosts Of Shepherdstown.’ He is a former FBI agent with exceptional investigative abilities. Leonard is a demonologist that has been on several podcasts. Lemos, the team’s psychic, completes the trio. She was born in Salem, Oregon, and was previously featured as a special guest on Banner Travel’s ‘Ghost Hunter Cruise.’

Ghosts of Morgan City Season 2

The episodes areĀ filled with mystery and re-enactments of the ghostly encounters. In between, the experts weigh in to explain the various events and their possible causes. There are also historical tales and investigations, giving the show a perfect blend of murder mysteries, paranormal events, and CSI procedures.

What Could Happen in Season 2 of Morgan City?

Since we don’t know anything about Season 2 of “Ghost of Morgan City,” we can’t say what it might be about. Instead, all we can do is remind ourselves of what happened in Season 1 so that we’re up-to-date and ready for Ghosts of Morgan City Season 2, whenever it comes out. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into season 1’s story.

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After an unexpected rise in emergency calls in Morgan City, Louisiana, the mayor and police chief put together a group of paranormal experts to look into the strange supernatural activity.

Ghosts of Morgan City Movie Trailer

If you haven’t watched the series yet, you should know almost everything interesting about it by now. Let’s take a quick look at the Ghosts of Morgan City Trailer, shall we?

Ghosts of Morgan Season 1: Recap

When a sequence of bizarre happenings and a rise in emergency calls tied to paranormal activity begin to plague Morgan City, Louisiana, Police Chief James “Bo” Blair decides to investigate. He calls Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Police Chief Mike King, who had previously dealt with a similar problem. Blair hires three specialists after conferring with him: Jereme Leonard, Ben Hansen, and Sarah Lemos. The three works together to figure out what’s causing these strange occurrences.

The story of this docu-series begins with a woman claiming to have encountered a spirit while driving through a hazy stretch beside Lake Palourde. After being alerted by the cops, the team steps in to investigate the situation. If you’ve seen previous ghost-hunting shows like ‘Ghost Adventures,’ you’ll know that each of the stories has a closed loop.

Ghosts of Morgan City Season 2

However, the mysterious mist that appears to house an inhuman thing is the central focus of the first episode. It is entirely up to the viewer’s decide whether it provides a definitive answer or not. Every episode is filled with tension, backed by re-enactments of the ghostly encounters. In the meanwhile, the experts weigh in to explain the numerous events and their possible causes. There are also historical tales and investigations, giving the show the ideal blend of murder mysteries, paranormal encounters, and CSI procedures.

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‘Ghosts of Morgan City’ does expose some intriguing details about the town’s troubled history, as brought up by local historian Diane Wiltz. The spirit of the ghost who stalks the mist, for example, is said to be Ada LeBoeuf, the first woman hanged in Louisiana in 1927.

Further investigation leads the detectives to interview her great-great-granddaughter, where they get a few clues. The team then conducts trials with the use of devices to identify any signs of unusual activity. We see a twist on Ada’s murder conviction at the end, and the story finishes with some type of closure for her family.

As this investigation comes to a close, additional calls from outside Morgan City begin to come in. The group is now forced to tour around the parish in quest of answers. Another example is a plantation with a voodoo past and a bloody Civil War conflict. The group is also confronted with a haunting family house possessed by the spirit of a little girl. As the crew explores through ancient history records and unearths troubling clues, they take little steps towards putting a stop to this haunting tug of war.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do Ghosts of Morgan City Take Place in Real Life?

The setting for Ghosts of Morgan City is St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. The Morgan City season (officially named Season 3) of the hit show Ghosts of Shepherdstown is headed by Ben, psychic medium Sarah Lemos, and local demonologist Jereme Leonard.

Is Ghosts of Morgan City Cancelled?

Even though there are other economic factors at play, shows with higher ratings tend to be renewed and shows with lower ratings tend to be cancelled. Ghosts of Morgan City has not been cancelled or picked up for a second season.


So, will ‘Ghosts of Morgan City’ get a second season? Travel has yet to make an official statement, and it is too early to make any firm predictions. However, given its eerily intriguing premise, we wouldn’t be shocked if it was renewed for a second season. If it happens, Season 2 of ‘Ghosts of Morgan City will be released in June 2020. We will update this area with more specific information when we learn it. Stay Tuned with Honknews for more Updates.