6-year-old Dead after Accidental Injury during Vacation in Maine; Parents and Little Brother Grieving over Tragic Loss

A holiday for a family in New Jersey turned tragic when a piece of a badminton racket hit their 6-year-old daughter in the head and killed her.

Little Lucy Morgan died on Wednesday, four days after the very strange accident that happened on what was supposed to be a relaxing trip to a lake in Maine.

Saturday was the last full day for the Morgan family of six at their rental house in Limerick, Maine. Her father, Jesse Morgan, pastor at Green Pond Bible Chapel in Rockaway, said the terrible things happened.

“The kids chose to play badminton in the front yard while we were having a quick lunch by the lake.” In a blog post called “Calamity Strikes,” Morgan said, “Bethany and I were relaxing in the back when we heard screaming.”

Officials from Maine State Police say that her 10-year-old brother hurt her “unintentionally.” It was decided that the girl was hit in the head by the racket’s metal shaft, which had come loose from its wooden handle.

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According to Maine State Police, Lucy was breathing but not responding when she was rushed to a nearby hospital. The girl was then flown to Maine Medical Center in Portland.

When Lucy passed out on the table, she was taken straight to the operating room, where doctors removed part of her skull to ease pressure.

Doctors were able to bring the girl back to life, but Lucy had lost all brain function and could no longer breathe on her own. Doctors told the girl’s family that she had “a very slim chance” of getting better because the racket shaft went very deep into her brain and caused artery bleeds right away, Morgan said.

The little girl died of her wounds around 4 a.m. Wednesday, one day after it was thought she would.

Morgan says that Lucy’s brothers Silas, 10, Shiloh, 8, and Atticus, 4, are having a hard time understanding the loss and are “blaming themselves and taking it hard.”

Her funeral will be at her dad’s church on June 15 as per The Post.