Fentanyl Pills Busted With 1 Arrest of Suspected Drug Dealer in Clarkston, Washington

Clarkston, WA: A 69-year-old man from Clarkston is currently facing serious drug charges as authorities discovered a significant quantity of fentanyl pills in his vehicle and camper trailer.

Court records reveal that the Quad Cities Drug Task Force initiated a narcotics investigation into Robert Bergamo, a 69-year-old individual, in December of 2023. According to the documents, Bergamo had a history of involvement in narcotics investigations and currently has a pending narcotics case in Nez Perce County.

According to the documents, detectives received information that Bergamo was reportedly involved in the sale of a significant quantity of Fentanyl to multiple individuals in the Lewiston and Clarkston areas. It was also reported that Bergamo had a substantial number of fentanyl pills in his possession.

According to court documents, Bergamo was reportedly using a red Firebird to travel outside the area in order to obtain illegal narcotics.

In December of 2023, detectives conducted a carefully planned operation, purchasing from Bergamo at a trailer situated in the 1400 block of Pound Lane in Clarkston. It is claimed that Fentanyl was acquired from Bergamo during the purchase.

Investigators were granted a warrant to place a GPS monitoring device on Bergamo’s vehicle in early January. He was seen visiting various places in Lewiston, Clarkston, and Lapwai. According to court documents, detectives noted a significant amount of foot traffic in and out of Bergamo’s trailer, which is often associated with drug trafficking.

On January 25, 2024, Bergamo was seen heading to Spokane, where he often visited an apartment complex. Authorities suspected that he returned to the Lewiston-Clarkston area with illegal substances and sought a search warrant for his Firebird and camper trailer. The warrant has been approved.

Bergamo was stopped by Asotin County Deputies shortly before 6:00 p.m. on January 25. According to reports, Bergamo reportedly informed the police about the presence of Fentanyl pills in the car when questioned.

Two bags of Fentanyl were reportedly found inside the vehicle, specifically in the front passenger area. A bag contained a package weighing 53.7 grams, which is equivalent to around 550 pills. Another bag had a larger package weighing 111.76 grams, which is approximately 1,200 pills. There was a small glass jar in the center console containing a powder substance with a concrete color. Bergamo expressed uncertainty about the contents, but reportedly referred to it as a “mild form of heroin.”

Additional fentanyl pills and drug paraphernalia were reportedly discovered in Bergamo’s camper.

Bergamo has been apprehended and processed at the Asotin County Jail. He faces charges related to the possession and distribution of fentanyl. A hearing for arraignment has been set for February 5th.

Bergamo is currently facing felony charges in Nez Perce County for alleged involvement in illegal narcotics-related activity, as stated in a press release by the Quad Cities Drug Task Force.

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