Over 100 MPH Speed Chase, Stolen Mercedes Filled With 15K Fentanyl Pills in Florida Busted

Miami, Florida: The deputies in Florida recovered 15K Fentanyl tablets in a stolen Mercedes after a 22-year-old man from Florida led them on a chase at speeds above 100 mph, according to authorities.

A news statement from Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) says that Jonathan Nicola, 22, of Kissimmee, was arrested on January 11 after the chase. Florida Highway Patrol troopers tried to stop Nicola because the Mercedes he was driving had a temporary tag on it that wasn’t in their database.

The FLHSMV statement says that Nicola ran away when the police tried to stop their car. Nicola supposedly went over 100 miles per hour during the chase, hit another car on the side, drove the wrong way on a public road several times, and finally failed to make a turn and crashed.

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After catching Nicola, the police searched the car for any other passengers and found a digital scale and a few small bags in the pocket on the driver’s side door. When a K-9 unit arrived on the scene, it immediately picked up on the presence of drugs.

When police checked the car, they found a loaded gun, drug paraphernalia, and a box with 15,000 vacuum-sealed Fentanyl pills in it. The pills looked like they were OxyContin pills, according to the FLHSMV.

The Mercedes turned out to be a stolen car from Florida. It had a fake temporary tag and copied Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) on the door and window. Someone arrested Nicola and took her to the Orange County Jail without a fee.

There are many charges against Nicola, some of which are felonies. These include “Trafficking in Fentanyl 4 Grams or More,” “Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle,” “Flee/Elude Police-Aggravated Fleeing with Injury or Damage,” and others.

The probe into what happened is still going on. In its news statement, the FLHSMV says that Nicola is a “habitual traffic offender.”

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