Female Co-worker Stomped and Assaulted by Supervisor at Work; Arrested in Harrison

An arrest was made for a guy in Harrison who choked and slammed a female coworker to the ground. Charles Robert Lunsford, who is 59 years old, is being charged with two felonies for what happened.

A probable cause statement from the Harrison Police Department says that the fight began when Lunsford was asked to bring supplies to the victim’s workplace. Lunsford reportedly didn’t put the supplies in the right place, which led to a fight. When the victim asked him to move them, they got into a fight that turned physical.

The woman says Lunsford grabbed something metal and hit her in the head with it. He then allegedly picked her up, threw her to the ground, stomped on her side, and choked her.

The examining officer saw marks on the victim’s throat where it looked like someone had put their hands and squeezed. The next day, there were bruises on the throat. The hospital had to glue closed a cut on the victim’s head that was caused by the metal item.

Assault and battery in the second degree are both felonies that Lunsford is being charged with. He is free after posting a $15,000 fee.