Martial Arts Teacher Molested 4-year-old Student in Northern California; Arrested by Cops after Kid told Mother

A special education teacher who worked in Sacramento and Roseville was taken into custody in connection with the sexual abuse of a kid who was four years old.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office received a phone on Friday from a mother who wanted to report that she had recently discovered that her daughter, who is now a teenager, had been sexually molested when she was only four years old. The suspect, according to her, was a man who was close to the family.

A suspect named Jason Prater, who is 49 years old, was identified by the South Carolina State Police. During questioning, officers stated that Prater “made some admissions and confirmed significant parts of the girl’s statement.” Both the Roseville campus of the John Adams Academy and the Options for Youth Charter School in Sacramento were places of employment for Prater and his colleagues.

According to the reports of the Roseville Sheriff’s Office, he was also a martial arts instructor for children in the Roseville region.

Prater was taken into custody on suspicion of committing crimes including oral sex acts with a kid as well as conduct that might be considered indecent or lascivious with a youngster.

The court date for Prater’s appearance is set for May 21. He is now being held in custody with a bond amount of $2.1 million.

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