Family of 4 Missing in Florida; Police Find Human Remains at their Friend’s Place which raised Suspicions; Probe Ongoing

The family of four, including two kids ages 5 and 6, went missing last week. Police searched a home in Hudson, Florida, and found human parts, so they think the family is dead.

Atwood, who is 25 years old and owns the land, has been charged with first-degree murder by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

On Saturday, sheriff Chris Nocco told the press that the bodies found on Atwood’s land have not yet been identified, but investigators think they might be those of the missing family. For now, the sheriff’s office is saying that the body parts belong to John Doe.

On June 12, around 12:30 a.m., Rain Mancini (26 years old), Phillip Zilliot II (25 years old), Karma Zilliot (6 years old), and Phillip Zilliot III (5 years old) were last seen near Nottingham Trail in Hudson.

Police say that around 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Mancini was picked up by a friend at her mother’s house and driven to Atwood’s home on Nottingham Trail.

Nocco said that was the last time Mancini’s mom saw her daughter.

The house had Mancini, her friend Zilliot II, and Atwood there, along with Atwood’s daughter and the children of Mancini and Zilliot II. The sheriff said that adults were drinking at that time.

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As Atwood had agreed, officers searched his property on Thursday evening. The land is in the country and covers about 10 acres. The police did not find anything unusual on the property.

Investigators talked to Mancini’s mother on Wednesday night. She said she had not heard from her daughter since Wednesday and didn’t know where she was.

On Friday night, deputies went back to Atwood’s land to look for the now-missing family and found human remains.

On Sunday, the sheriff’s office told Fox News Digital that the investigation is still going on and that they had no new information about who the bodies belong to.

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