The Science Kingdom Is Ready to Take on the New Ocean Adventures With Dr. Stone: Ryusui!

Dr. Stone is now working on the third season behind the curtains, however, we didn’t have to wait long for an announcement on the anime. After all, TMS Entertainment has indeed been cooking on a special to keep us occupied while they wait.

The Dr. Stone production team recently issued a teaser at Jump Festa 22 and stated that a special episode titled Dr. Stone: Ryusui will be broadcast in summer 2022, and we will get to experience the stone world again.

Dr.STONE is a manga series authored by Riichiro Inagaki as well as illustrated by Boichi from South Korea. Between March 2017 to March 2022, it was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, with chapters compiled in twenty-five tankōbon volumes as of March 2022.

So, here’s what we know about the upcoming special episode.

Dr. Stone: Ryusui:  When Is the Episode Releasing?

Dr. Stone Ryusui

Between July to December 2019, TMS Entertainment aired an anime tv series based on the manga. From January to March 2021, season 2 of the anime series based on the “Stone Wars” arc premiered. In 2023, a third season will premiere.

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At the Anime Japan 2022 stage of the series, Dr. Stone: Ryusui TV special was given a release date. On July 10th, a new traveler will take the lead in the anime special, which will air on Tokyo MX and BS11.

Dr. Stone: Ryusui: What Is the Storyline of the Special Episode?

Dr. Stone Ryusui

A new character will take up the adventures of Sailing across the ocean in this special episode. Senku revived the boy, Ryusui Nanami, on his journeys after discovering about his outstanding sailing abilities. Given his abilities, Ryusui ultimately will become one of the Kingdom of Science’s Five Commanders, and this forthcoming Dr. Stone special will accompany Ryusui on one of his most important missions.

We love Senku, especially the amazing inventions, from cola to mobile phones. So, all those who want to catch up with the last 2 seasons, and where the story is leading can take an idea from this.

A strange flare petrifies all human existence in the year 2019 AD. 3,700 years have passed with humankind trapped in stone, until Senku Ishigami, a 15-year-old genius, awakens in a land where all signs of modern civilization have been erased by time in April 5738. Senku establishes a basecamp and begins studying the petrified beings to try to figure out what caused the tragedy and how to heal it.

Senku’s friend Taiju Oki awakens within the next six months, and Senku finds that nitric acid was used to revive them. They create a chemical based on this finding that allows them to quickly resuscitate people. They started by resurrecting Tsukasa Shishiō, a renowned martial artist, with Yuzuriha Ogawa, a classmate, and Taiju’s crush, with the objective of recreating humanity with a concentration on science.

Tsukasa eventually admits that he opposes Senku’s plan to create a new scientific empire, feeling that the previous world was poisoned and must not be revived. Instead, he wants to construct a new world peace centered on strength and power, even destroying whatever petrified adults he comes across to keep them from meddling with his plans.

Dr. Stone Ryusui

Tsukasa tries to execute Senku after trying to extort the formula for the regeneration compound from him. He realizes that Senku understands how to construct weapons that he can protect against. Tsukasa leaves to start his own clan in the Stone World, believing he has effectively murdered Senku. But was saved by, of course, Science.

Senku encounters a village of people currently alive on the earth after reviving following his near-death event and views it as an opportunity to rebuild his Kingdom of Science.

These people are initially hesitant, but they eventually see the value of science in ensuring their existence. Senku earns the tribe’s confidence and credibility, finally learning about their history and discovering that the settlement was founded by his adoptive father Byakuya, and five other astronauts who had been unharmed by the petrification incident since they were in the International Space Station at the time.

The Senku’s Kingdom of Science fights the Tsukasa Empire with the help of his new allies and companions, finally triumphing and establishing themselves as a formidable force. In the end, they both reconcile, but Tsukasa was quite injured due to an attack, so to save him he decides to petrify him. So, in order to do that, he needed to find the core of that strange light, which came from the other side of the Earth.

The storyline will continue after the series’ last episode when Senku chooses to build a ship and investigate the root cause of the Greenlight.

Dr. Stone: Ryusui: Who Will Be Seen Again in the Stone World?

Dr. Stone Ryusui

Yusuke Kobayashi, Gen Sato, with Kengo Kawanishi was present at Anime Japan 2022 again for Dr. Stone: Ryusui BLUE stage event when the news broke. The actor Ryota Suzuki, who will play Ryusui Nanami in the next anime special, has joined the group of Stone world.

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Ryota Suzuki, Ryusui’s voice actor, was revealed on stage. Suzuki is most recognized for his role as Yu Ishigami in Kaguya-same: Love Is War. Suzuki, despite his youth, has worked on a number of excellent adaptations, demonstrating his innate aptitude.

Senku will be voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi, Chrome will be played by Gen Sato, and Gen Asagiri will be played by Kengo Kawanishi, therefore all three actors are expected to repeat their roles in the anime special.

In addition to character design sketches of Ryusui, the Ryusui special section of the stage included four stills from the upcoming special. Despite their minor nature, these revelations were obviously as thrilling for the voice performers as they were for the audience.


Fortunately, the trailer of  Dr. Stone: Ryusui is out and it is gaining popularity. Riichiro Inagaki, the manga’s creator, recently revealed the manga’s conclusion in order to reassure his fans. He recounts how well the manga started and concluded, among other things, but the anime portion is still to come. So, as we wait for the Special episode, let’s watch this trailer.