Couple Arrested after Tip Alleges Sexual Abuse at Daycare in Michigan: Authorities

A husband and wife have been arrested by deputies from the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office. They are now facing multiple charges as a result of the investigation. There are disturbing allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct at a home-operated daycare.

There were reports of sexual misconduct at a daycare in Gobles.

According to officials, the incident began when they received information about criminal activity from LaGrange, Indiana.

Authorities are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying these individuals, Jesse Stone, 46, and Stephanie Stone, 38, who are married.

Officials are currently investigating allegations of abuse or neglect at the couple’s nursery, Little Cubs Daycare, according to Charon. That’s also the place where the couple resided.

There were a few instances last year when she had a strong aversion to attending daycare. The anonymous grandmother reflected on whether that had any connection to the situation.

As of Tuesday, the daycare is temporarily closed, as indicated by a handwritten note attached to the door.

Both children insist that they were never subjected to any inappropriate touching.

On the other hand, the older child mentions that Stephanie, one of the individuals currently in custody, has a tendency to be unkind.

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The child remembered a moment when they went to assist a younger child who was trying to eat a bottle of diaper rash cream that had been left out.

Jesse Stone is currently being held by Van Buren County. Based on court documents, he is facing a total of 13 charges.

His bond has been set at $750,000 cash/surety. Stephanie Stone is facing charges of child abuse, as stated in court records. She was required to pay a bond of $100,000 in cash or surety as reported by WWMT News.

Jesse and Stephanie Stone have upcoming court dates. They will have a probable cause hearing on July 17, followed by a preliminary exam on July 23.

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