Controversial Fetal Personhood Bill passed in Iowa House; Mixed Reactions from the public

Des Moines, Iowa: The Iowa State House Republicans approved a fetal personhood bill amidst the ongoing national discussion on in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Bill H.B. 2575 raises the punishment for terminating a pregnancy without consent to a felony, resulting in an extended period of incarceration.

Opponents are concerned about the bill’s modification in wording from “terminating a human pregnancy” to “death of or serious injury to an unborn person.” They claim it is another assault on abortion following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, as reported by CBS 2 Iowa.

An unborn person is defined under the bill as an individual organism of the species homo sapiens from conception until live birth.

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In Iowa, a class A felony can result in a mandatory life sentence without the chance of release. Causing the death of an unborn person without the pregnant person’s consent is considered a class A felony, as reported by NBC news.

According to the measure, a person who accidentally causes the death of an unborn person would be charged with a class B felony. In Iowa, a class B felony carries a maximum penalty of 25 years in jail.

Iowa Republicans approved the bill shortly after the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision that classified frozen embryos as children and allowed clinics to be accountable for wrongful death if the embryos are harmed, sparking a nationwide discussion on IVF and reproductive rights following Roe v. Wade.

Alabama fertility clinics that temporarily halted IVF procedures in response to a court decision are preparing to resume operations following the enactment of a law that shields patients and clinics from legal responsibility.

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Democrats in Iowa are concerned that the recently approved legislation could significantly affect reproductive rights, namely regarding birth control and IVF, as reported by CBS 2.

Iowa House Democratic Leader Rep. Jennifer Konfrst stated that Iowa Republicans are determined to outlaw abortion, even if it involves making it a criminal offense for anyone receiving IVF treatments. “The Alabama-style bill passed by Republican politicians this week is excessive, and Iowans are weary of politicians restricting their reproductive autonomy.”

The bill has been approved by the House and will now proceed to the state Senate.

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