“Choco Taco” returns: Where to get the highly sought-after ice cream delight in new form

In a delightful twist for dessert aficionados, the once-discontinued Klondike Choco Taco is making a triumphant return, reimagined by the innovative minds at Salt & Straw, a renowned ice cream maker based in Portland, Oregon. This revival comes in collaboration with Taco Bell, promising to deliver an updated version of the cherished ice cream treat directly to fans across the nation.

Tyler Malek, the co-founder and head ice cream maker at Salt & Straw, has tantalized taste buds with promises of unparalleled deliciousness. OregonLive captured his enthusiasm, quoting him as saying, “This is the most delicious thing you will eat in your entire life.” The recipe, a labor of love and creativity, has been years in the making, reflecting Salt & Straw’s dedication to culinary excellence.

However, purists be advised: this is not your childhood’s Choco Taco. The new iteration is described as a “cinnamon ancho chocolate taco,” a sophisticated take on the classic, complete with a selection of dipping sauces for an enhanced eating experience. This inventive dessert garnered significant attention during Taco Bell’s “Live Más Live” event on Friday, February 9, marking a bold step in the fast-food giant’s culinary collaborations.

The partnership between Salt & Straw and Taco Bell began serendipitously, initiated by Taco Bell’s new CEO, Sean Tresvant, a former Portland resident. Tresvant reached out to Malek, setting the stage for this creative fusion of talents.

Malek praised Taco Bell’s versatility and broad appeal, noting that the collaboration has spurred innovation in developing a dessert taco shell that maintains its crispness, avoiding the dreaded sogginess that can mar the ice cream experience. This endeavor has been a blend of culinary art and science, leveraging both the creative flair of chefs and the technical expertise of food scientists.

While there are currently no plans to feature the dessert taco in Taco Bell outlets, enthusiasts won’t have to wait long to indulge in this delectable creation. This summer, the reimagined Choco Taco will be available at Salt & Straw locations and through the brand’s website, with the convenience of direct shipping for a $19 delivery fee.

This collaboration not only marks the return of a beloved dessert but also showcases the innovative spirit that defines the culinary world today, bridging the gap between fast food and artisanal ice cream craftsmanship.