$3 Million To Victims After Miami-Dade Deputy Patrolling Car Killed Cyclist

Miami-Dade, FL: A jury has awarded a substantial amount of money against Miami-Dade Police after a tragic accident that resulted in the death of a bicyclist. In an exclusive interview, CBS Miami speaks with the widow of the man who tragically lost his life almost three years ago.

Soon after being informed about the incident, Zerpa hurried to the hospital. Upon her arrival, Zerpa informed Gorchow that there was a sheet draped over him. I took the sheet from his body. He appeared to be peacefully resting, as if in slumber.

A spokesperson from the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office informed that after thoroughly examining all the evidence, it was determined that this incident was a heartbreaking accident.

No criminal charges were ever filed against the officer in question. Zerpa initiated a civil lawsuit against Miami-Dade County in September of 2021, seeking compensation for the officer’s alleged negligence.

A jury has recently reached a decision in favor of Zerpa, granting her and their daughter, Miranda, a substantial $3,000,000 in damages.

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