Betting On Sports From Philippines? Here’s How!

In this article, we go over all you need to know about sports betting in the Philippines. The gaming industry is quite huge in the Philippines with an estimated value of $6 billion dollars, it’s clear Filipino bettors enjoy their fair share of wagers.

That being said, let’s look at a few key details you should consider when looking to wager from the Philippines.

Philippines Online Wagering Laws

Other than a handful of games like Jueteng, gambling in the Philippines is lawful, and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation regulates the business on behalf of the government (PAGCOR). The picture is more nuanced when it comes to internet gambling, but a recent surge in casino building has seen Manila threaten Macau to become one of the most common gaming destinations in Asia.

To this end, PAGCOR issues licenses to businesses in the Philippines that provide sports betting but only to players outside of the Philippines. Since it is illegal for such sites to operate within the country’s borders, Filipino gamblers are restricted to using only offshore sports gambling sites. Fortunately, you may pick from a wide variety of trustworthy online sportsbooks.

Finding A Good Sports Bookie

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, online sports wagering options in the Philippines are restricted to offshore bookie sites. Although this might sound like a hassle one can easily find the best sports betting sites in Philippines in just a few clicks.

You should take into consideration a number of reasons including payment methods, gaming safety, and more. One of the first questions you should ask yourself is if the said gaming site accepts Philippine pesos as a currency.

Most offshore gaming sites might not accept this currency and therefore players looking to wager will need to make use of e-wallets such as Paypal in order to wager. Note this could be quite costly with deposit and exchange fees so keep an eye out on how much you are actually spending.

Markets Available

Any legitimate sportsbook that accepts wagers from Filipino punters will undoubtedly let you wager on games of the infamous English Premier League. Basketball, nevertheless, is by far the most popular activity in the Philippines, and while it is uncommon to find several markets for NBA internet gambling in the Philippines, the fact that a sportsbook offers PBA online wagers will be a major factor for Filipino punters.

Getting Started With Wagers In The Philippines

After initially locating a bookmaker that is willing to accept your wagers and provide access to their sportsbook it’s time to move on to the next step. Giving over your name, address, and other identifying details, as well as giving the operator permission to keep your funds and place wagers on your account, is necessary if you wish to place wagers. The last step is to fund your account so that you may begin placing wagers!

How To Bet On Sports

The Philippines provides a wide variety of opportunities for sports betting. Here are some pointers for the new Filipino sports bettor. First, you may wager on specific sports contests. Betting on the outcome of a sporting event includes laying money on the expected victor of a contest between two teams. You may also wager on things like point differentials and possession rates. Second, you may wager on games involving two or more teams. Betting on the outcome of a sporting event that has more than one team. The ability to wager on international sporting events has finally arrived (such as the World Cup).

Basic Rules Of Sports Wagers

You need to know the ground rules for online gambling before you start. Every Filipino ought to be familiar with all these sports betting pointers. First and foremost is that the lines for sports wagers are established by oddsmakers and often reflect the bookies’ expectations for the outcome of a game. If you’re thinking about making a wager, you should check the odds beforehand. Second, in order to stand a shot at winning, users must make their wager before the game begins. The wager will be termed a “push,” and your money will be returned to you if placed during the game.

Things To Consider When Sports Betting

Just like there are things you should know before watching boy’s season 4, there are plenty of tips and tricks you should at least know about before looking to wager.

For starters, “the house always wins” is a term renowned in the gaming industry and yet still most punters aim for the stars. The odds presented by bookies are pretty accurate. While betting against the odds does mean a bigger payday if you win it’s also highly unlikely.

For punters looking to make some extra money, we recommend going the tortoise approach and taking small wins to eventually earn a victory rather than bet against the odds in hopes of the mega payday.